What Bill 8 Means to Us?

What does Bill 8 potentially mean to families who choose alternative education for their kids? I thought I’d post a couple of comments regarding the proposed new act to give you something to think on while you tend your morning coffee! First and foremost, keep in mind, it has not yet passed and is still subject to change.
(1) Age – While it would benefit some students if the age for funding increased, maintaining the status quo appeases the majority of schools and parents alike. Schools are worried about capacity and parents concerned about older students being with younger. 
(2) Language- this act acknowledges parents’ right to choice and their role in education. It does not take a one size fits all approach to education.
(3) GSA – The past amendment to the School Act seemed to put teachers/ admin in conflict with the best interests of the child. There are times when a student disclosed something that compels the teacher to act/ report. The proposed amendment allows teachers to do this without violating their conduct of ethics, profession obligation and other legislation. It will, however, require staff to become very familiar with PIPA. Students rights are protected under this legislation. 
(4) Section 30 – As a school administrator for the last 16 years, I love the fact the new act makes it very clear what sections apply to private schools and what section do not -See section 30. This is important because most of the act does not apply.
(5) Regulations- there will be 21 new regulations this summer and undoubtedly one pertaining to private school and one regarding home education. As they say “ the devil is in the details”. So new regulations may have the bigger impact than the act on the operations of private schools.

Good thing Phoenix is open over the summer! It means that we can be nimble and respond to change in a timely manner! Sometimes being little has its benefits.