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We use the Alberta Program of Studies to plan and deliver each and every class. Classes for grades 1-­6 are thematic and include a variety of subjects, presentations styles and materials. Classes for grades 7-12 are a combination of onsite tutorials and take-home booklets (if class is being taken for credit).

Remember: You need to register for everything you want to take or participate in! Classes are messy so please dress appropriately. In-door shoes required.

Literacy / Language Arts. . .

  • Literacy is viewing, representing, listening, speaking, reading and writing to construct and create meaning.
  • It means working with technology, art materials and more.
  • It can involve music, drama and other fine arts.

Social Studies. . .

  • Students will build an understanding of Canada’s multicultural, inclusive democracy and develop their own active, responsible global citizenship by exploring other countries – their food, culture, stories and way of life.

Science . . .

  • Science is the pursuit to understand the relationships within the living and non­-living universe.
  • It means exploring and experimenting!

Numeracy / Math. . .

  • Students will use inquiry, observation and math to analyze, measure and predict outcomes and solutions to real world problems.

Wellness . . .

  • Is about understanding the role of physical activity, nutrition and personal care in contributing to optimal health.
  • This is not a cooking class but rather a food exploration class– that means that students will be learning about the nutrition, production and processing of food. They may do some cooking depending on the topic.
  • Classes include a mix of gym time, kitchen time and classroom time.

Fine Arts . . .

  • Is a way of giving expression to celebrating or challenging norms, traditions and values through visual art, drama and music.

Holidays . . .

  • We love to celebrate the various commercial holidays. Please see page 25 for this year’s list. Activities often include dress­-up, food, music and more. Participation, like all other events at Phoenix, requires registration and is not mandatory.

To register for any of our classes please email

Questions about registering and refunds . . . click here.

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