Backpack Program

This program is designed to offer homeschooling parents a bit more structure and assistance for Grades 1-6. You are still the primary educator of your child, but we are here to help!

This program includes:

  • Parent Orientation Session
  • 2 parent workshops
  • Pack-it-Night (pick resources and pack the backpack)
  • backpack
  • core resources
  • group diagnostic testing
  • access to early literacy resources (gr. 1 / 2 only)
  • SLA/PATs (Student Learning Assessments)
  • PAT prep classes (Grade 6 only)
  • Min 3 Consultations with your Coach(more if needed),
  • 25 core classes
  • social skills class
  • badges to sew on as student completes assignments
  • 4-6 PSI (Private Student Instruction)
  • regular submission feedback
  • report cards
  • free student google apps account
  • 9 free family celebrations over year
  • a Phoenix t-Shirt
  • access to exam bank
  • and participation in year end ceremony.

How the Funding Works:

The Alberta government gives us 70% of the Instructional grant or $4675. The basic program costs are $4100. That leaves $575 for additional resources, more classes, field-trips and other items that will enhance your student’s program.

Want to find out more:

Please contact Phoenix for a tour, tea and a chat!

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