Junior High in a Box

Just add your Junior High Kid – water occasionally and poof! Download  JR_high_Instructional_schedule_2013-2014.

How it Works!

Purpose – This program helps to provide support, guidance and structure for students completing their junior high studies. Students will be provided with resources, teacher support, regular group meetings and workshops that are designed to assist them in learning the curriculum while developing skills that will help them become lifelong learners.

Participation – Students will be expected to attend 20 group meetings throughout the year including the initial orientation in September.  In these meetings, students learn organization skills, time management techniques and study strategies. Students will be given the opportunity to address challenges and share successes. Learning Coaches provide fun, hands-on activities to supplement students’ learning as well as covering some of the material in students’ textbooks and workbooks. The group meetings for all grades run at the same time in order to allow for shared learning projects.

Each grade also has 16 hands-on science and social workshops included in the program. These are enrichment classes and are designed to be fun and engaging! These workshops are open to students not enrolled in the box program.


  Group Meetings   20
  Science & Social Workshops   16
  Books and Resources   BOX
  Parent Meetings   3

Curriculum – Resources provided in the box cover all the objectives in the Alberta Program of Studies for LA, Math, Social and Science. Students may choose to use a different program or resource for certain subjects at the Learning Coach’s discretion but will not be credited for unused resources. Novel and study guide will be chosen by the Learning Coach.

Fees – The fees for this program will include core subject resources, grade specific science/social workshops and bi-weekly group meetings. Students may register for additional workshops and will be charged accordingly. If textbooks are returned in good condition credit will be issued at the end of the year. The fees are as follows: (Based on $1500 resource allotment from AB Education for an aligned program)


Funding Allotment 4 Year

Jr High in a Box Cost Initial Charge

Return resources Refund

Final Jr High in a Box Cost

Remaining Funding


$1500.00 $1188.00 $313.00 $875.00 $625.00


$1500.00 $1224.00 $324.00 $900.00 $600.00


$1500.00 $1222.00 $322.00 $900.00 $600.00

For receipt reimbursement process, please see your student handbook.

Support – Parents will be expected to meet with the Learning Coach in September to review materials, and then in January and June to review progress. The Learning Coach will be available by phone, e-mail and/or in person whenever a parent/student has questions or needs extra support according to the school year calendar. Group tutoring for math will be available at a reduced cost. Language arts tutoring can be arranged on an individual basis.

Additional Classes

The additional classes listed on the Wacky Teen Wednesday or Freaky Friday schedule are for students in grade 7 and up. They require a minimum of 6 registrants in order to run. Some classes may be taken for high school credits. Classes that are offered for credit have a course code after the title. The same class can also be taken JUST FOR PLEASURE.

FOR CREDIT: Students/ parents must notify the instructor at least 2 weeks advance that they will be taking the class for credit. For students in Junior High, grades for these classes will be held until they enter grade 10 with Phoenix and then will be submitted to Alberta Education.

If the class is being taken for credit, there will be an additional assignment booklet that is required to be completed. (1 credit equals approximately 25 hours of work) The additional material is at grade 10 level.

If the additional work is not completed by June 15 of the year in which the student took the tutorials, the student will not receive credit for the class. There is a $25.00 per credit marking fee in addition to the class cost.

FOR PLEASURE: Students electing to take a class for pleasure may still have “class” homework, but not the additional credit material. Fees for classes being taken for pleasure are listed in the guide.


  • Most families will spend more than $700.00 plus their funding on classes, events and resources for their teen.
  • Class fees are NOT refundable unless class is cancelled by Phoenix.
  • Students who DROP IN to classes or are NOT on the registration list at the start of the class will be charged non-member rates.

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