Wrapping It Up – Binders

Calling all Binders

I know I leant you out but I am getting lonely so can you please come home now…………………I need to give you the pep talk for next year.


Hello world!

Welcome to the NEW Phoenix website!

Our goal with this new site is to be:

  • interactive
  • current 
  • informative
  • AND slightly silly! After all, if we can’t have fun, why do it!

Learning should be a lifelong pursuit! It should engage, entertain and enlighten students. To do that homeschoolers need access to timely information, on-going support and wicked resources.

You will find  all that  and more on this site through the various articles, links, photos, teaching ideas, how-to videos and resource reviews our staff, families and friends will post here! Pretty much everything you will need to successfully homeschool your child! So why not take flight with Phoenix!

Diana Stinn – Co-Founder