Whether you are just making the transition to home-based education or you are a veteran, it is essential to have valuable resources at your fingertips. Below are some resources that we feel will be helpful to you. We also offer:

H2HS – How to Homeschool

An Audio Cast for Homeschoolers in Alberta. These short two minute audio casts are designed to answers some common homeschooling questions and concerns. The opinions expressed during the podcasts are not necessarily reflective of the Phoenix Foundation. Not with Phoenix? Make sure you check out your board’s philosophy, beliefs and policies!

#1: What does the term Homeschooling mean?

#2: Why do families Homeschool?

#3: Is homeschooling successful?

#4: How can I teach my own children?

#5: How to get started?

#6: How do I find out the legal requirements?

#7: What is the difference between school-directed and parent-directed?

#8: What do I need to buy ?

#9: Am I required to teach the same curriculum as the public school?

#10: Do homeschoolers pay taxes?

#11: How much does it cost to homeschool?

#12: How do I keep the costs down?

#13: Homeschooling Methodologies: What works? (Check out the article on this subject for more information.)

#14: What is the Home Education Regulation?

#15: Who do I register with?

#16: How do I write an Education Plan?

Curriculum Links

Helpful Information for Parents – Alberta Education

 Curriculum Summaries for Parents – Alberta Education

Teaching Resources – Alberta Education

Homeschooling and Home-Based Education Links

Home Education and Blended Programs Information – Alberta Education

Homeschooling Approaches – Home School Learning Network

Fun Education Resource Links

Interactive Math Resources for Grades 7, 8 and 9 – Learn Alberta

Multi-Subject Resources – Learn Alberta

Assessment and Diagnostics

Canadian Test of Basic Skill – Nelson Education

Alberta Exam Bank


  • ADLC Homeschooling collection site –
  • My Health Alberta myhealth.alberta.caThis site provides medical information and the implications for early learning environments. Health topics such as Diabetes with care plans for home and school are available.
  • Learn Alberta www.learnalberta.caA resource designed for educators to search and find information on any program related topic. This is a dynamic site –a useful link for every educator.
  • Autism Speaks – a great resource for anyone working with families or children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Harvard Center on the Developing Child – an extensive site with videos, research articles and current best practices from around the world in early learning
  • Professional Development is very important for all of us working within early learning settings and we are excited about the availability of PD opportunities available throughout the province. Research the upcoming PD opportunities in your area at
  • Parenting Information – Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) – This website outlines upcoming training and sessions being offered in your area:

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