Phoenix Mentor Program

“I wanted to drop a quick note to mention how worthwhile the teenage mentorship program is.  I am sure you are already well aware of the many benefits to both the mentors as well as the kiddos they are paired with, but the other day while speaking with ***, he said he hoped to be a teenage mentor with Phoenix one day!  I think they are awesome role models and wanted to let you know that kids other than those involved directly in the program look up to these fine young folk and aspire to be like them!”

Kudos to all involved!

Phoenix runs a mentor program for students who need a little extra assistance to be successful in our amazing Creation Studio classroom.


 Provides assistance for student who is struggling in the class environment.

 Helps the teacher by keeping your child on task.

 Helps student with social skills.

 Helps all students be active participants in class activities.

Mentor’s Role is to:

 Assist your child in a one on one situation.

 Help your child; the mentor will not help other children unless there is an emergency situation with specific tasks.

 Implement a modified task appropriate to activity.

 Keep your child on task by avoiding inappropriate behaviour.

Parent’s Role:

 Understand that the mentor is not responsible for controlling ‘bad’ behaviour such as kicking, screaming, or throwing things. This is the parent’s responsibility.

 Be responsible for their child outside of class times.

 Be responsible for ensuring their child is in class on time.

 Once a mentor is in place, to provide feedback on the benefits being observed.

 Call prior to 8:00 am if your child can not make their assigned workshop, otherwise you will be charged the mentor fee for the first workshop.

Who Qualifies?

 Students with special needs (with or without a Psycho-Educational Assessment)

 Students who are struggling in group settings (this can be determined after a conversation with learning coach and principal.)

 Students who are recommended for the program by an instructor and/or their learning coach.


 Parents pay ~$3.50* an hour of the fee and Phoenix pays the remainder. Mentors can be an older junior high or high school student or an adult. All mentors are required to complete the training program and attending regular on-going training and meetings. As a result, there are a limited number of mentors available. (*Fee may change if minimum wage goes up.)

If you are interested in taking advantage of our mentor program, please see our Special Needs Coordinator or our principal.