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Developmental Asset #2: Positive Family Communication

It is important that young people feel safe confiding in their parents and seeking their counsel. Here are some ways that you can help build positive communication in your family.   Be willing to talk with your children while driving, riding, or walking. Sometimes not having to make constant eye contact can make your child more comfortable.   Use mealtimes

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Developmental Asset #1: Family Support

Here are a few ways that your family can help your adolescent feel supported and loved.   Establish family rituals and traditions, such as family meetings, game nights, seasonal outings, shared meals, or whatever brings your family together at a predictable time and place. For adolescents dealing with a lot of changes in their bodies, social lives, and responsibilities, family

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Developmental Assets for Adolescents

Dear Phoenix families, Through their work with Cornerstone Youth Centre, Miss Diana and Mr. Larry discovered Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents. Our mission at Phoenix is to provide unique learning opportunities (in partnership with families) so that each young person can develop into a lifelong learner and active, responsible global citizen. Search Institute’s advice for parents of teenagers,

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