Staff Only!

Contracts and Hours

Start date is September 1 of each year. All contracts  that have been signed and met the requirements (First Aid, Police Check, Google User test) are effective this date.  Most contracts end August 31 unless otherwise indicated on the contract. Contracts are for a one year period and are not automatically renewed. As a private school, we are subject to student numbers and other considerations. The hours we are open to students and their families are Monday to Friday—9 AM-4 PM.  See the Year Calendar . Your minimum hours are defined in your contract.

Staff Forms and Documents


Staff PD Workshops

  • Most workshops offered at Phoenix are free for staff with exception of First Aid and Mental Health First Aid. For other PD opportunities, please get admin approval first.


Staff Meetings

  • Staff meeting attendance is required and participation is expected. Each meeting will follow an agenda and each member will each be asked to contribute throughout the year at different times. Meeting time is included in salary or paid at $20.00 an hour for  hourly staff. These are also highlighted in your contract.
  • Instructor Meetings— This meeting is for Instructors at Phoenix. The purpose is to share any problems, changes or concerns. Please come prepared to discuss issues and requirements such as FIRE DRILLS, handwashing, attendance, disciplinary actions, instructional binders, what makes a good class, cleaning up, dealing with parents, supplies and resources. Meeting time is included in salary or paid at $20.00 an hour for  hourly staff. These are also highlighted in your contract.
  •  Learning Coach Meetings— Coaches, these meetings are to remind you of upcoming priorities, share challenges and strategies for dealing with families. Mark your calendar! They are all on Friday! Meeting time is included in salary.
  • Admin Meetings – For Admin and support folks . Weekly on Tuesdays (unless there is something special going on). Meeting time is included in salary.


Growth Plan

The staff Growth Plan is due by September 30. This is required by regulation for certificated teachers but we ask all staff to complete this activity so that you understand how your job fits into the goals for the school and province.


First Aid / Police Check / Google Suite Usage

These are requirements of employment at Phoenix. Please make sure you have these!


Celebrations for the Year

All salaried staff are expected to attend a minimum of THREE of these dates.  You eat for free but any staff children must pay regular rate. Children must be registered for events.



The Phoenix Foundation (hereafter called Phoenix), has high expectations for standards of behavior for its organization, which includes students, parents, staff members, volunteers and Board members.

A code of professional conduct is a necessary component to any profession to maintain standards for the individuals within that profession. It creates accountability, responsibility and trust between the members of that profession and the people they serve.


            School Act, TQS, Professional Standards, Regulations (Student records)

Expectations for Staff Behavior

PRINCIPLE 1 – Confidentiality and Privacy

We . . .

  • Share information appropriately (staff, students, parents, etc.) and as needed to ensure the smooth operation of the school.
  • Are entitled to expect confidentiality when providing personal information of any kind.
  • Maintain the security of CUM files, student records and personal information (locked – CUM, working files for teachers only).

PRINCIPLE 2 – Respect for Work Relationships

We . . .

  • Treat each other, as well as, students, parents, community members with dignity, respect and consideration.
  • Conduct our employment responsibilities as outlined in our contracts with trust and integrity.
  • Maintain a safe and caring work environment by reporting to work fit to conduct our duties.
  • Maintain a clean, safe work space.
  • Care for ourselves by being aware of our own stress levels and taking steps to stay healthy, fit and ready for work.
  • Report any mental health or medical issues that may impair our ability to perform our employment duties to our supervisor.
  • Do not engage in relationships that will disrupt the school community or workplace.
  • Do not expose students to sexual contact, activity, behaviour or material.

PRINCIPLE 3 – Respect for Boundaries

We . . .

  • Appreciate each other’s areas of expertise and roles and do not overstep boundaries.
  • Take care to ensure that our communication is professional.
  • Are respectful of each other’s time and space. We try to minimize interruptions such as social chatting, social media and non-school matters during school hours.
  • Do not engage in discriminatory, harassing or inappropriate behaviour that may compromise the school’s image or reputation.
  • Respect personal time by refraining from contacting staff during off hours unless it is of an urgent nature regarding school matters.
  • Do not use information gained through school matters to gain benefit (financial or otherwise) either directly or indirectly.

PRINCIPLE 4 – Respect for Laws

We . . .

  • Adhere to the school’s mission statement, policies, practices and procedures at all times.
  • Adhere to the laws, regulations and standards in the School Act, Guide to Education, TQS, and LQS.
  • Comply with and be aware of legal and government requirements, including PIPA or relevant sections of FOIP, at all times.
  • May use school property provided the proper permission has been gained and paperwork completed. We exercise reasonable care to prevent abuse, excessive wear, loss or damage to school equipment or property.
  • Notify our supervisor immediately of any circumstance (personal or work-related) that may negatively impact the image, reputation of operation of the school.

PRINCIPLE 5 – Respect for Individuality

We . . .

  • Honour and celebrate our unique skills, abilities and preferences so long as they do not harm or interfere with another student, parent or staff member.
  • Respect the differences in our personal relationships, the celebration of holidays, etc. by encouraging an understanding of other cultures, customs and beliefs.
  • Work together to create a safe and caring learning and working environment for all!

Consequences for Breaching the Staff Code of Conduct

Consequences for Breaching the Staff Code of Conduct will be determined by the Administrator and/or the Board of Directors. Discipline measures and procedures are outlined in the Staff Discipline Policy.



We feel there are three key aspects to staff supervision. They are growth, supervision and evaluation

  • Growth –  means a career-long learning process whereby staff annually develops and implements a plan to achieve professional learning objectives or goals that are consistent with personal assessment of learning needs, the school’s expectations and the Teaching Quality Standard.  All staff employed by Phoenix must complete an annual growth plan. The plan is reviewed with staff in NOVEMBER and JUNE. 
  • Supervision – Supervision is an ongoing process by which the principal or administrator provides support and guidance to staff. It involves observing and receiving information from a variety of sources about the quality of work undertaken by the staff member. When the principal or administrator has reason to believe that a staff member’s behavior, knowledge or skills may not meet standard, they will work with the member directly, through supervision, to provide assistance to change behaviors or practices. 
  • Evaluation – Evaluation is the formal process of gathering information over a the school year to determine whether a staff members meets expectations related to employment or practice. At Phoenix is id done in June / July and may be combined with a review of the growth plan. When an evaluation determines that expectations are not being met, it may be appropriate to offer a period of remediation or change of tasks and duties or recommend the termination of employment.


Getting Paid

Everyone has a contract!  Your contract commences September 1 and run until either June 30 or August 31. It must be reviewed and signed each year. Your contract will specify the number of hours you are paid for, the rate and the specific requirements of your job. This is a legally binding document. Make sure you agree with it! Contracts are for a one year period and are not automatically renewed. As a private school, we are subject to student numbers and other considerations.

We reviewed the basic contract terms as a group at our annual full day meeting in Sept. This is important. We need to have a consensus on what each section means so that one person takes advantage of the group or jeopardizes everyone else’s job security.

Instructors are paid hourly for classes they teach. They are paid for instruction time, some prep, and clean up time. A time sheet must be kept (punch in, punch out!) and each event recorded.


What to do in case of a Pandemic!

In the event of an emergency including an influenza pandemic, the Phoenix Education Foundation will have an important role to play in protecting the health and safety of their students and staff.  Pandemics evolve quickly and require a co-coordinated and timely response.

Our priorities are to:

  • The protection of students and staff.
  • Continuation of essential school business operations based.
  • Preparation for the orderly closure of school operations (in the event this is required) and eventual school reopening.


Primary strategies which will be used in order to minimize illness among staff include:

  • Restrict workplace entry of people with influenza symptoms.
  • Promote good personal hygiene practices and workplace cleaning practices.
  • Enable work from home strategies.
  • Assist staff who become ill at work by sending them home.
  • Provide flexible work sites and work hours to minimize face to face contact.


Primary strategies which will be used in order to minimize illness among students include:

  • Restrict school entry of people with influenza symptoms.
  • Promote good personal hygiene practices and school/ home cleaning practices.
  • Close the school and enable study from home strategies.
  • Assist students who become ill at school by sending them home.
  • Provide flexible study sites and hours to minimize face to face contact.


Our students’ primary study location is the home with class / resource supplementation from the school, our primary strategies which will be used in order to continue business between staff and students include:

  • Use of Schoology, Facebook, website and google to communicate information and class cancellation.
  • Use of remote services for access to the school databases, website and other technical services.
  • Use of Schoology, Google email and hang-outs for parent-student contact.
  • Use of Schoology, telephone services and internet to insure the continuance of the students’ educational plans.


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