Update for Jan. 26, 2022


  • Camps are ago (grade 1-2 and grade 5-6). Grade 3-4 was transferred to the Tuesday program last week.
  • Grade 5-6 camp will be outside tomorrow. Please dress appropriately. They will be going for a walk around the area.
  • Absent – if your student is going absent for any reason, please call – 403-265-7701


  • For all OFF-SITE students (Online, home ed, basic kids not registered for this theme), please feel free to pop by the school on Friday between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM for a book of your choosing!
  • Fine motor skills class is running.

Tests and Masks – have arrived. They were given to students who are onsite for camps, therapy, Flight school, Reading eggs.

Registration Dates – Registration for next school year open February 1, 2022 for returning kiddos and March 1, 2022 for new students. Forms will be emailed out to Phoenix families. Forms for new students will be posted closer to March.

OPEN HOUSE DATES: Register for a session now.

  • Feb. 16 @6:30 PM
  • Feb. 25 @2:00 PM
  • Feb. 28 @2:00 PM
  • Mar. 9 @6:30 PM
  • Mar.14 @2:00 PM
  • Mar. 18 ” 2:00 PM

Q. Should I send my child to school?? This is the big question we have had repeatedly over the weekend . . . the short answer is, it depends on who they have been around and their health. If they are ill (cold, covid, flu, stomach bug), do not bring them to school. If they have been in close contact with someone who is ill:


  1. We are not asking for a student’s vaccination status. However, their vaccination status will impact your decision.
  2. If they are a close contact (so for example: been in the household with someone who is ill, had a play date, been to a party, etc.) and they are:
    1. Fully vaccinated and NO symptoms = participate
      1. If they begin to show symptoms, then isolate and test
    2. Not fully vaccinated = should spend 14 days @ home. This is NOT isolation, but the recommendation is to stay home
    3. Here is the new updated checklist for daily screening.

Still got questions, please call us – 403-265-7701