Founders’ Message


As I pulled this guide together for the upcoming school year, I have been reflecting on a book recommended by our Board Chair, Greg Hart, called the “Extended Mind – The Power of Thinking Outside the Brain” by Annie Murphy Paul. It is an interesting book that aims to demonstrate how we as humans use outside things to extend our ways of thinking. We use gadgets such as google, ipads and calendars to help us remember things. We can walk in nature to help calm our mind and increase creativity. We can share ideas with other people to deepen our understanding of thoughts and theories. These are the ways we extend our minds. 

We hope that attending some of the amazing classes and activities at Phoenix will extend your student’s mind. They can wander the colorful Creation Studio themes, make a mess with other kids, explore the garden and see the green of the indoor garden units. They can ask questions and find answers, they can see the world through another’s eye and come away with a deeper understanding of how the world works.

We are looking forward to sharing the upcoming year with you and your students as we become lifelong learners and active global citizens!


Diana Stinn, Co-founder and Head of School

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