How We Are Organized

These internal stakeholders form the  basis of the “school community”. The school community also includes external stakeholders such as therapists, consultants, donors, sponsors and the broader community in which the school is situated.

Organizational Chart 2022

I have a concern about . . . 

  • A class or assignment on Schoology, I should talk to . . . my teacher
  • Something that happened, I should talk to  . . . our Principal
  • The building, or something that’s broken, I should talk to  . . . the Building Manager
  • Money and my account, I should talk to  . . . Finance
  • Updating my contact info . . . the Registrar
  • Special needs or extra outside care, I should talk to . . . the Care Coordinator

(HINT: Always start with the School Secretary, she will point you in the right direction!)