Special Projects

The Phoenix Community Garden was our first major outdoor project started in 2013 and grown in volume since. We have had many wonderful financial supporters over the years and we thank them all. It was all kickstarted with 2 grants from Agrium in 2014 and 2016. The amount of produce that comes from this little space is remarkable. Each year, the Canadian Wildlife Federation donates pollinator plants that provides food for our resident PheoBees!

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Phoenix Blog:  The Pollinators have arrived.

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Phoenix Foundation is one of three schools in Alberta and the only K-12 School in Calgary to host Beehives. The Bees arrived from New Zealand in May and in their first season, the 2 hives produced 4 dozen jars of honey. Stay tuned here (Below) and follow our social media for updates on the Bees.


Our new Honey Bees have arrived from New Zealand:   https://wordpress.com/post/phoenixfoundation.ca/228727

Phoenix Food Forest.

Our Food Forest Project has been years in the making. Thanks to a grant from Field Law Community Fund in 2016 we kickstarted the project and it is ongoing, growing, building and sustaining our food supply for the school. Our students have been involved in planting, maintaining and picking our produce. 2017 was a year of planting the forest and in 2018 we expect to see more abundance to use in school and share with our community. Our students are also able to have classes in the forest when the weather permits, providing a wonderful learning environment and a food source for our PhoeBees! Not only do we have trees and shrubs, our Herb Spiral adds a historic element with reclaimed bring from the historic Simmons Building in East Village of Calgary. Our friends at Canadian Wildlife Federation Certified us a “Wildlife Friendly Habitat” in 2017.