Stone Soup Club

You know the story of stone soup? Where everybody from the village contributes something and in the end there is a rich flavourful soup that fills everyone. 

Here is our stone soup club kids working on a delicious wonton soup this week – some for them, some for others and some to take home!

Pink Shirt Day

We celebrated two days here at Phoenix to increase awareness of bullying. Many kids wore pink. We had some pink candies, pink flowers, pink boas, pink giveaways, wrote pink notes and more. Thank you to all who participated. 

Together we are strong and will stand against bullies!

Valentines Fun

What a wonderful day we had here at Phoenix. There were chocolate roses for parents, crafts and activities for students, valentine cards for all. We had a lot of fun and shared a lot of love. Thanks for a “lovely” day!

Peru is Open!!

Come visit beautiful Peru! Your ChopShop Monkeys have done a splendid job of creating Machu Picchu, rain forest, market, Nazca Lines and the coast!

See you there!

Literacy Day Celebration

New Books for ALL!

Today we celebrated Literacy day. There was new books and cake for everyone. Literacy is super important. Because strong reading skills form the basis for learning in all subjects, it is important to identify those who struggle with reading as early as possible.

Every time you read a book together, write a note to Grandma, write a grocery list, or recount the day’s happenings, you are using skills young children need to have to be ready to learn to read and write. Here are some simple activities you and your child can do together.


Name Games
Play simple naming games with your child. You can ask, “What is This?” or “Where is he/she going?” when you go to the grocery store, go on a walk, or sit and look out the window.

Everyday Words
Talk to your child as you do everyday tasks such as sorting the laundry or thinking about what to cook. Explain the piles of laundry, for example, “Here are the dark clothes and here are the white clothes.” Show your child the ingredients you have for making a meal and name them together.

Read and reread books about topics your child is interested in. Learn the names of animals, vehicles, plants, and games together.


Field Trips
Take your child on short trips to new places, such as a florist shop or a park. Talk about what you see along the way and what you see when you get there. When you get home, have your child draw a picture of something he or she saw. Write a caption for the picture.

Job Talk
Go to a familiar place and look for the people who work there. What jobs do they do? What tools do they use?

Merry Christmas to All!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very merry Christmas! We had a wonderful party celebrating the season today! 

Remember we will be closed for two weeks over the holiday and reopen again on January 2 virtually and January 3 on site!

Lest We Forget

Thank you everyone for coming out today to remember. 

We started the event with a warm and hearty meal. Thank you, Chef Ash and Chef Megan. 

There were some little crafts and handouts. (😀 Miss Amy, Mrs. Gilbert)

Board Chair, Barry Davidson, called us all to order and did a great job of presiding over the event. 

Then we watched some amazing young dancers and some moving videos. We listened the the NWMP Commemorative Band play. Our very own Mr. D even played for us with Mr. Larry capturing it all  on video. 

The beautiful backdrop was created by our talented co-founder, Jill Mann. 

So many hands working together!

Thank you for the many contributions that made the day memorable. Lest we forget…