Squawkcast: Ep. 70 – Going Solo Today!

Join Diana Stinn and Jill . . . wait, where is Jill? Sadly, Jill is sick today but don't worry, Diana has this with a little help from friends. Today's squawk will feature an interview with Barry Davidson, Phoenix Chair and the Chair of Safe and Caring Schools and Communities. We will be talking about … Continue reading Squawkcast: Ep. 70 – Going Solo Today!

Squawkcast: Ep. 69 – Questions from You!

Join Jill Mann and Diana Stinn for a cup of  . . . Sunrype iced tea - Thanks Kool FM for the donation.  Today's article was "Reading has to do with Play" by Laura Grace Weldon - ARTICLE LINK. She has tons of great ideas for you and your student to improve reading readiness! We will … Continue reading Squawkcast: Ep. 69 – Questions from You!

Squawkcast: Ep. 68 – Getting Started!

Today’s episode will introduce you to our new Principal, Robert Straub and our other new and "old" staff! We will assist you in getting started in your cool BlendEd program and chat about our bees, extra classes and sooooo much more! So grab a cup of java and join us! And don't miss the video … Continue reading Squawkcast: Ep. 68 – Getting Started!