School Not Working Out?

Check out a Home Education Program!

Phoenix is still accepting mid-year rescue students into our home education program. Unfortunately, the deadline for funding has pasted, you can still home educate!

How does it work?

There is a $50.00 for first time students. This creates your file, updates the government records and sets up your Phoenix account. You will need your student’s birth certificate. Phoenix charges $80.00 per month (minimum $200) for access to a facilitator. She is a an Alberta certified teacher with experience in home education. She is her to help you and is required to write two reports for Alberta Education on the progress of your student.

You need to fill out the home education notification form. (See the Support and Forms tab) This is a government form so read carefully. You will need a Phoenix waiver if you plan to participate in any onsite school opportunities or field-trips. You can download our Program Guides and have a look at all the classes we offer – availability subject to space.

Next step is creating your education plan for your student. This needs include what you plan to teach, what resources and how you will know your student is learning. We have a template you can use to help with this step.

Not sure what to put into the plan?

We recommend you look at the Alberta Education website for the kinds of things students at each grade level study. Then go shopping and have a look at what great commercial resources are available.

You are responsible for:

  • Paying the appropriate fees
  • Creating and designing the program
  • Supplying all the resources
  • Teaching your student
  • Keeping samples of work
  • Meeting at least twice with your facilitator over the school year

We will make sure you get 2 handbooks – one for Phoenix and one from the government, a copy of your ed plan, a copy of the regulations and any other paperwork you will need. We will notify your past school, so that you do not have to go back. We also have a variety of resources you can look though and select to help you get started!

Got questions?

Please feel free to call for more information or book an appointment to come for a tour! We are here to help!



Changes to Home Ed for 2017

Today from Alberta Education:

“In October 2016, Alberta Education released the Standards for Home Education Reimbursement. This document was intended to assist school authorities in determining which parental expenses are eligible—and ineligible—for reimbursement on behalf of students in home education programs. When the Standards for Home Education Reimbursement was released, I committed that the department would continue to work with supervising school authorities and other stakeholders on this important issue.


Alberta Education has heard from several school authorities, stakeholders and parents over the past school year regarding home education reimbursements. This feedback has been valuable and has contributed to an updated version of the Standards for Home Education Reimbursement, effective September 1, 2017. The current version of the Standards for Home Education Reimbursement remains in place until August 31, 2017; therefore, all 2016/17 school year reimbursements must follow the original version of the Standards for Home Education Reimbursement.”


The updated version of the Standards for Home Education Reimbursement, along with a Summary of Significant Changes, is available on the Alberta Education website at

Gr. 1-6 Program Guide is now HERE!

The Grade 1-6 program guide is now available at the front desk or for download here!

We would like to thank Miss Vanessa for all here help in getting the guide out sooooooo early! Usually it is done in July. So what does next year hold . . . all kinds of fun!

Our themes for next year will be:

  • Mad Scientists
  • Scandinavia
  • Ancient Mesopotamia
  • On the Farm
  • Russia

Listen to Miss Diana talk about our planning for next year! We hope you will join us for many hours of fun and learning! Click here to play –

Move Note
Click here to play –

AHEA Keynote Speakers Not Representative of All Alberta Homeschoolers

Calgary, Alberta – Home schooling in Alberta has been a choice of parents for many decades and it has been utilized by thousands of families in educating tens of thousands of kids. There are many demonstrated success stories of Alberta children achieving academic and professional success. Many students who pursue semi-professional sports, dance, music, fine arts and more are homeschooling.

The majority of homeschooling families today are taking home-based programs through such programs as on-line, blended or school-directed learning. These programs follow the Alberta curriculum. Further, schools supply oversight, assistance with resources and support to these students and their families.Diana Stinn, Founder and Administrator of the Phoenix Foundation, a non-profit independent school that serves approximately 300 children and their families, states ” . . . home schooling is about finding what works best for each child and ensuring they are supported and grow into lifelong learners. This is the focus of most home schooling parents.”

Homeschooling programs are offered by public, separate and private schools across the province and have a minimum level of supervision as legislated by Alberta Education, many deliver much more than that minimum. For more information about Home Education (a parent-directed program), see the Home Education Regulation. All other forms (school-directed, on-line, blended) are governed by the School Act.

“It is unfortunately that a group of people are tarnished with such a negative brush because of the actions of one family or organization. People need to meet some of the thousands of families that are successfully educating their children in home schooling programs.” said Diana Stinn.

The Phoenix Foundation and our colleagues in education work hard in the best interests of the children we serve and our very proud of our work.

Updates and Enrollments

Happy News!

Our new NDP government decided recently to reverse funding cuts for next year and to fund enrollment growth for all schools. This is great news for many school across the province and very good news for Phoenix!

We are grateful for the government’s recognition that independent schools are an equal partner in Alberta’s education community and deserving of increased enrollment and operational funding.

This increase in funding will help ensure that Alberta’s independent schools are able to continue to deliver outstanding and unique educational programming to a diverse array of students.

Its Not Too Late!

As of last week we were basically full. So the announcement that they would fund enrollment growth has allowed us to think about taking few more kids. After careful consideration and a review of our staffing levels for next year, we have decided that we can indeed open a few more spots:

  • 15 HOME EDUCATION spots
  • 15 More SCHOOL-DIRECTED spots

If you are interested in registering with Phoenix, taking some wicked classes in our Creation Studio, going on some of the awesome field trips we offer, participating in  a clever parent workshop . . . then you’ll want to get your student registration in soon.