School Not Working Out?

Check out a Home Education Program!

Phoenix is still accepting mid-year rescue students into our home education program. Unfortunately, the deadline for funding has pasted, you can still home educate!

How does it work?

There is a $50.00 for first time students. This creates your file, updates the government records and sets up your Phoenix account. You will need your student’s birth certificate. Phoenix charges $80.00 per month (minimum $200) for access to a facilitator. She is a an Alberta certified teacher with experience in home education. She is her to help you and is required to write two reports for Alberta Education on the progress of your student.

You need to fill out the home education notification form. (See the Support and Forms tab) This is a government form so read carefully. You will need a Phoenix waiver if you plan to participate in any onsite school opportunities or field-trips. You can download our Program Guides and have a look at all the classes we offer – availability subject to space.

Next step is creating your education plan for your student. This needs include what you plan to teach, what resources and how you will know your student is learning. We have a template you can use to help with this step.

Not sure what to put into the plan?

We recommend you look at the Alberta Education website for the kinds of things students at each grade level study. Then go shopping and have a look at what great commercial resources are available.

You are responsible for:

  • Paying the appropriate fees
  • Creating and designing the program
  • Supplying all the resources
  • Teaching your student
  • Keeping samples of work
  • Meeting at least twice with your facilitator over the school year

We will make sure you get 2 handbooks – one for Phoenix and one from the government, a copy of your ed plan, a copy of the regulations and any other paperwork you will need. We will notify your past school, so that you do not have to go back. We also have a variety of resources you can look though and select to help you get started!

Got questions?

Please feel free to call for more information or book an appointment to come for a tour! We are here to help!



Talk to Your Learning Coach!

Now you can book your own meetings with your Coach!

Using a site called YOUCANBOOK.ME, you can now see what times your teacher is available, get an email after you book with the details, add the appointment to your calendar and get a text reminder 2 hours before! (For Phoenix Students Only!)

Super handy! Free for you to use! Never miss an appointment again!






JODY – coming soon!


Swimming at Inglewood Pool!

Let’s get together and spend an afternoon splashing!

*Date: FridaySeptember 23 at 1:00 PM*
*Location: Inglewood Pool – 1527 17th Ave SE*

Open to PHOENIX kids Kindergarten and up, but children under 6 must be accompanied
by an adult.

Fee: $1 per student, $2 per adult

REGISTRATION REQUIRED for ALL PARTICIPANTS, whether children or adults.

Dr. Seuss is open Tuesday!

It’s fun! It’s colourful! It’s full to the brim with whimsy!! It’s Dr. Seuss!!!

The last theme of our school year will be one you have to see and experience, if you have not gotten your class registration in yet hurry, there are still a few spots left!

Phoenix and your ChopShop Monkeys hope you enjoy it as much as we did building it for you! 😃

Jill Mann

A video Tour (Thanks to Bill Mart):


Come Visit Australia!

Phoenix’s new Studio theme is opening on Tuesday Jan 19,2016! Come visit Australia! If you have not registered yet, get it in asap, some classes are already full! Here is your peek at our giant classroom!

Camps for the New Year





















Sign up by calling 403-265-7701 or emailing us –

Ep. 55: Dealing with Anxiety

Welcome to our Squawkcast! Join your hosts Jill Mann and Diana Stinn for cookies and milk as they chat about anxiety, things you wish you could say to non-homeschoolers and upcoming events!

Ep. 55 – Dealing with Anxiety

Date: Dec. 18,  2015

Listen now: 

Show Notes:

  • Introductions – Welcome everyone. Thanks for joining us.
  • Bird Brain – Homeschooling with anxiety
  • Nest News — (1) Christmas party today (2) Alberta Ed visit – Dec. 15 (3) Magic the Gathering – Thank you to Sentry Box for the amazing donations!
  • Under Our Wing – 10 things homeschoolers wish they could say
  • Good Egg, Bad Egg – AHEA meets Minister Dec. 15
  • Wing Feathers– Thank you for all the treats and gifts!!
  • What’s Hatching – (1) Back Jan. 5, 2016  (2) New field trips – Glenbow and Flying Squirrel (3) Jan. 19 – Cook it Forward (4) Jan 29 – Parent workshops (5) Jan. 19th Australia opens!!! To register:
  • Close – Ok, from Jill Mann and Diana Stinn, we wish you a Happy Kiss-a-moose!

You can email comments about this podcast to

Diana Stinn is our producer and does the editing. Apple provides the music and Aubrey does that deep voiced intro and close! 

Thanks very much for listening.