Feast – Mad Scientists

Be sure to register for your spot at the Mad Scientist feast on Friday Oct 20 at NOON! Space is limited!

What are feasts important?

It is a chance for us to share what we’ve learned over the last 5 weeks of classes, it gives parents and grandparents a chance to be a part of the learning community and it brings closure to the theme.

It is also a chance to dress up, try some new food and socialize with your friends!

How do they work?

We have five (5) feasts a year. Feasts are our way of celebrating your child’s learning! Your kids get to share with you what they learned in the Creation Studio and make one last memory in it before the theme gets torn down and a new one is built. The fee ($10 pp) includes various theme-related crafts, a delicious meal, activities and prizes.  Come as a family and we will only charge you $40.00 for up to 6 people. (Mom, Dad and their kids!)


  • 12:00 PM – theme related crafts
  • 12:20 PM- program and gift basket draw
  • 12:25 PM – yummy lunch
  • 1:00 PM – activities and games related to theme
  • 1:30 PM – Clean up and head out!


 Feast Food

Feast Menus (subject to change): Please note: Specific dietary needs cannot be accommodated.  Mad Scientists – Oct 20 – Beaker Floats, DNA Pasta, Radioactive Pizza and Petri dish dessert

School Not Working Out?

Check out a Home Education Program!

Phoenix is still accepting mid-year rescue students into our home education program. Unfortunately, the deadline for funding has pasted, you can still home educate!

How does it work?

There is a $50.00 for first time students. This creates your file, updates the government records and sets up your Phoenix account. You will need your student’s birth certificate. Phoenix charges $80.00 per month (minimum $200) for access to a facilitator. She is a an Alberta certified teacher with experience in home education. She is her to help you and is required to write two reports for Alberta Education on the progress of your student.

You need to fill out the home education notification form. (See the Support and Forms tab) This is a government form so read carefully. You will need a Phoenix waiver if you plan to participate in any onsite school opportunities or field-trips. You can download our Program Guides and have a look at all the classes we offer – availability subject to space.

Next step is creating your education plan for your student. This needs include what you plan to teach, what resources and how you will know your student is learning. We have a template you can use to help with this step.

Not sure what to put into the plan?

We recommend you look at the Alberta Education website for the kinds of things students at each grade level study. Then go shopping and have a look at what great commercial resources are available.

You are responsible for:

  • Paying the appropriate fees
  • Creating and designing the program
  • Supplying all the resources
  • Teaching your student
  • Keeping samples of work
  • Meeting at least twice with your facilitator over the school year

We will make sure you get 2 handbooks – one for Phoenix and one from the government, a copy of your ed plan, a copy of the regulations and any other paperwork you will need. We will notify your past school, so that you do not have to go back. We also have a variety of resources you can look though and select to help you get started!

Got questions?

Please feel free to call for more information or book an appointment to come for a tour! We are here to help!



Teen Classes Start Wednesday!

TEEN CLASSES start Wednesday! And there is still room!

  • Painting with the Masters – 4 spots available
  • Ball Skills – 3 spots available
  • Health and Wellness – Required for all 7-9 BlendEd teens
  • Write Right – 6 spots available
  • Entrepreneur – 5 spots available

Need more info, please consult your teen program guide – https://phoenixnestnews.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/teenprogramguide2017.pdf

TO REGISTER: https://phoenixfoundation.ca/hatching-now/

Image result for teens

Online Orientation Session – Sept 7

ONLINE ORIENTATION SESSION – September 7, 2017 at 9:00 AM

GETTING STARTED @Phoenix – FOR REGISTERED STUDENTS ONLY – This vital workshop cover how the various programs work, what funding and resources are available and how classes (activities) work. We will review parent and student responsibilities and explain the role of your learning coach. You will know hours we are open, how to contact us and what do if you have a suggestion or complaint.

ATTENDANCE: Registered Grade 1-6 parents and students
COST: Free
LOCATION: Onsite at Phoenix or Online through Google Hangout
REGISTER: frontdesk@phoenixfoundation.ca

or add this event to your google calendar ( from ours and click the Hangout link: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/ttsl7gi43nf23i22n6dt6365lye

Maximum 25 people

Add Google Calendar

2017 Orientations

Welcome to Blend Ed!



Whether you are new to the Phoenix Education Foundation or a long time member, we wish you a warm welcome as you embark on the 2017/2018 school year. You have chosen to provide your child with a customized program to suit your child’s specific needs, learning style and the 21st century environment. To ensure you and your child have a positive and productive school year, Phoenix is here to help every step of the way.

Steps to Success: Given that communication is essential for success, it is important to stay in contact with your Learning Coach. She or he is a certificated teacher assigned to direct your program, provide resources, learning strategies and activities, provide specific academic feedback, assessment, evaluation as well as academic counsel. Your Learning Coach will provide you with a year plan and  resources. She or he will administer standardized and informal testing, personal student instruction when needed, and evaluate progress.  It is mandatory that you meet with your Learning Coach three times per year and that you access your account on phoenix.schoology.com on a regular basis to complete monthly assignments, access resources , and receive updates from your teacher. You are encouraged to e-mail, phone or meet with your Learning Coach as often as necessary.

Steps to Success

(1) Welcome Email – after registering at Phoenix, some time prior to Sept 1, you will receive your welcome email. This email will detail who your Learning Coach is and how you book your first meeting.

(2) Facilitation Meeting: You will receive email notice of who your learning coach is and their contact information at which time you may book your FAC meeting. You may book your meeting by calling the front desk or by using the “bookme” link in the email. Your initial meeting with the Learning Coach is a ‘FAC’ (otherwise known as a ‘Facilitation meeting’) lasting approximately 60 minutes.

This is an opportunity to get to know your Learning Coach, share information about your child’s academic history and ask questions specific to your child’s curriculum. Your Learning Coach will complete a reading assessment (Fountas and Pinnell) with your child at this meeting. You will receive your welcome package at this time and complete your child’s learning pathway for classes, camps and special events for the year. (BRING YOUR CHILD)

(3) BlendEd Package: This package is filled with information to guide you through your year. Your Learning Coach will review its contents to ensure that you are aware of deadlines, how to access phoenixschoology.com and how and when assignments and assessments will be provided.

(4) Picking up Resources: You can pick up your resources after you have met with your Learning Coach and all the components of your program have been confirmed.

(5) Orientation Session: All orientation sessions are listed in the program guides. Please pick one and register to attend. There are 13 to choose from!

(6) Register for a Getting Started Workshop: These workshops will teach you how to use g-suite, how to use Schoology and how to manage your student’s day. There is a corresponding workshop for your student! (These run Sept 8, 15 or Oct 6)

Prepare to Soar

Thank you for choosing Phoenix to guide your BlendEd journey. It promises to be an exciting year ahead with new themes in the Creation Studio, hand-on camps and classes, informative parent workshops, field trips and many special events.

Participation in activities on-site at Phoenix helps foster a sense of belonging, and allows you to network with other families. Phoenix classes and camps are active, messy and fun. Please see our program guides for registration information, and details about the unique learning opportunities at Phoenix.


Changes to Home Ed for 2017

Today from Alberta Education:

“In October 2016, Alberta Education released the Standards for Home Education Reimbursement. This document was intended to assist school authorities in determining which parental expenses are eligible—and ineligible—for reimbursement on behalf of students in home education programs. When the Standards for Home Education Reimbursement was released, I committed that the department would continue to work with supervising school authorities and other stakeholders on this important issue.


Alberta Education has heard from several school authorities, stakeholders and parents over the past school year regarding home education reimbursements. This feedback has been valuable and has contributed to an updated version of the Standards for Home Education Reimbursement, effective September 1, 2017. The current version of the Standards for Home Education Reimbursement remains in place until August 31, 2017; therefore, all 2016/17 school year reimbursements must follow the original version of the Standards for Home Education Reimbursement.”


The updated version of the Standards for Home Education Reimbursement, along with a Summary of Significant Changes, is available on the Alberta Education website at education.alberta.ca/home-education-blended-programs/responsibilities/everyone/resources/.

6 reasons to homeschool

Homeschooling is a term that applies to a wide variety of options. Here in Alberta it can mean anything from a home education program which a parent designs and implements to an online program that the school delivers or a Blend Ed program that is part online,  part at school, part in print and part in the community.

The reasons people homeschool are as diverse as the homeschooling options but here are six reasons people choose to homeschool.

  1. Advanced  extracurricular activities –  some students are engaged in hockey, dance and other semi professional activities that consume a huge amount of time. Homeschooling allows them to focus on their activities and still complete school.
  2. Family time –  Many people want to spend extra time with their children. Childhood seems to rush by so quickly!
  3. Strong values –  Homeschooling is an excellent way to instill strong morals and values. It is a way of life and children see those values being used each and every day.
  4. Academics – For many homeschoolers the current curriculum is not rigorous enough and as such they want a more academic program for their student.
  5. Special needs –  We see more and more families with students who have special needs choosing to homeschool.
  6. Freedom – Many families love the freedom of homeschooling. They are able to take vacations off-season, attend events and activities on their own time and be more in tune with their children’s physical needs.

6 great reasons to consider home-schooling your children next year! Please feel free to check out our Blend Ed program. You can also call and arrange a private tour of the school anytime we’re open over the summer months. Please see our school calendar for details of when we are open.

Our Blend Ed program might be just what you need to get started! It offers all kinds of support and guidance and includes all of the books, lessons and activities both onsite and out in the community (learning pathway) that your student will need to cover the entire Alberta Programs of Study.