Mathkit for Grades 1 to 3 - Phoenix Foundation Calgary, AB

MathKit for Grades 1 to 3

This mathkit is specifically designed for Grades 1 thru 3 and is tailored to suit their needs. It allows them to learn the basic concepts and apply them in various situation using games, puzzles, flash cards etc.

What does a Math-Kit Grades 1 to 3 contain?

There are several learning tools included in the math kit  specially designed for specific age groups of grade 1 thru 3.

MathKit Parent Guide

Split into units this guide teaches math vocabulary and the concept for number readiness, Basic Addition and Subtraction, Place Value, advanced Addition and Subtraction, Basic Multiplication and Division, Advanced Multiplication and Division and Fractions and Decimals. All units are explained in detail and easy to understand format, with detailed instructions on hands on games and use of manipulatives.

MathKit Dinosaur Game and Flash card assortment

Three super fun game boards and flashcards are included to reinforce the concepts that have been learned. These bright colourful games boards excite inquiring minds into using the math skill they have learned in the lessons while having fun. Included is Minus Maze; Sum Buddies and Prehistoric times.

MathKit Training CD

The unit concepts are explained and reinforced in a Educational Insights CD that is easy to use.

MathKit Workbooks

Three workbooks reinforce the concepts which are then supported by  three quiz book that test the material in a multiple choice format. The student is encouraged to do self evaluation of the quizzes by using a decoder that shows the correct answer. Each unit has it’s own certificate of completion that fosters a sense of achievement.

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