Just who are those ChopShop folks????

Hello from the ChopShop!

It seems as if the kids are having fun with the Medieval Theme, we are hearing happy learning sounds as we are working in the back getting ready for Ancient Greece.

Many of you know who we are, but some of you don’t, so I thought I would take a moment and introduce each of us….


jill airbrushingJill Mann:

Co-Founder of Phoenix

Mom of 2 kids, 12 years homeschooling and survivor of the high school years! 1 kid done and 1 to go!








Karen Jackson: IMG_0016

One of Phoenix’s first families, she is mom of 2 kids and also a survivor of homeschooling through the high school years! 1 kid done and 1 to go!]








Calgary-20120222-00151Axis Experience:

Long time Phoenix homeschooling family as well; he is dad of 1 son that is in the homestretch of high school as well. So close!







Jennifer Hvingelby: Jennifer

Our newest helper and volunteer! She is mom of 1 son; he is the cutest little baby, so she is just starting her family journey, who knows what roads they will travel!

We are still finding out her skills and gifts but she seems willing to try anything. I like that lol.








I guess that last line about sums up our great crew…they are willing to try anything!  What a talented group I get to work with! And our lucky families get to enjoy all the hard work and fun we stick together in the back!

We design, draw, cut, hammer, glue, sand and paint anything that is not nailed down….actually we have been known to pry the nails out and reuse and recycle things that are nailed down! Nothing is safe! LOL

So now you know who is making the noise in the back of Phoenix!

Have a great day!!

Jill Mann

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