Mandatory for all Kindergarten and Grades 1-9 BlendEd students! All activities subject to the weather! Optional for Home Education students.

10:00 AM – 2 PMPicturesAbbyroad Photography will be here to take your student pictures. Family portrait available. No sitting fee. Packages vary in price. *Book sitting times at the front desk*FREE
9:30 AM – 1 PMBake Sale Got delicious baked goods to sell? Tables are $5.00 set up is at 9:00 AM. Free for buyers to look around!$5.00 for seller
9:30 AM – 1 PMSale TablesGot used books and resources to sell? Tables are $5.00 set up is at 9:00 AM. Free for buyers to look around!$5.00 for seller
9:30 AM – NOONBouncy HouseJump off some of that energy! Ages 12 and under. You will get a ticket when you pay and a stamp when you enter.$2.00
9:40 AMScavenger HuntGrab a list and start hunting. Prizes for completed lists!FREE
10:00 AMDry IceMad Science – Gr. K-3 (Registration required)Make an ice cube in less than one minute, learn how cold dry ice really is and what makes it dry, taste our Mad Science Burp Potion, learn if dry ice is an acid or a base through color changing reactions and see what happens when we mix dry ice with liquid soap! 1 hour$10.00
10:30 AMOutdoor GamesVarious outside games and activities.FREE
11:15 AMRadical RobotsMad Science – Gr. 4-7 (Registration required)Find out about some robots we use daily, the difference between robots & humans, power sources used by robots (batteries, water & the sun) and then program a robot to move through a maze. Students will take home a Mad Science Robot Hand! 1 hour$10.00
NOONHotdog LunchGet them while they last – Hotdog, pop and chip included!$5.00
12:30 PMKarate DemoWatch students from the EXPERIENCE Martial Arts group perform their moves!FREE
1:00 – 2 PMActivitiesBalloon Animals, Craft Table, Apples to Apples, Twister, OtherFREE
1:00 PMFloor HockeyGrades 7-12 – This one is just for you. Come and play a warm up game!$2.00