Choose Us, Will Ya!


“Alberta does a better job of providing choice in education than any other jurisdiction in Canada, and arguably in North America.  Unlike other provinces or states, Alberta allows some portion of provincial education dollars to follow students to a wide range of different educational options, regardless of parent’s income level.“ PCE website – Jan. 11, 2017

  1. Parents Want Choice – the majority of parents want options for their child’s education. One size does not fit all!
  2. Choice Leads to Student Success – because every student is different and learns in a different way, we need schools that organize differently and teach differently. When it is a good match, students soar to brilliance!
  3. Choice Empowers Advocacy – many alternative forms of education were started by parents and innovative educators who believe in education and choice!
  4. Choice Inspires Innovation – Alberta’s educational landscape is sprinkled with visionary educators and founders who have created innovative schools.
  5. Choice Strengthens Communities – many schools function as local hubs to connect students and families with a host of services beyond education, including social and health services. Any educational option that contributes to the holistic well-being of its students and their families is worthy of support.