Registrations & Refunds

Please see our current Program Guide for more information OR check out our Google calendar for current up-to-date information!

What else does Phoenix offer? Phoenix runs many events throughout the year and many exciting and specialized summer camps!

Registrations are non-refundable unless cancelled by Phoenix and are non-transferable.

Why do classes get cancelled?

If there are not enough participants to cover the costs of a class, program or event by the Friday prior to its start date, it may be cancelled or postponed. Please ensure that you register early to help ensure that our great program will go ahead as planned.

Registration deadlines

The deadline for all classes and events registration is 2:00pm the Friday prior to the activity. Although this is the deadline, we ask for your cooperation in having your registration in early. This gives us time to process your registration, create class lists and buy supplies. Please respect the deadline and get your registrations in on time! If the class is not full, we may accept a drop-in, but no discounts apply. Members who register after the FRIDAY deadline no longer qualify for a member discount.

You can register for classes and programs at Phoenix the following ways:

  • ONLINE — You may register online by completing the online registration form. Click here to access the form.
  • FAX — You may also fax in your registration form. If you are paying by cash or cheque, please remember that your registration will not be processed until payment has been received. You can fax your registration forms to: (403) 275-7715
  • AT THE SCHOOL — You may use our computer at the center to visit the website and register online, or you can obtain forms from the school and submit them to us in person. Please note that the school is open limited hours. Visit the Contact Us page for more details on our hours.


If Phoenix cancels an event, a credit will be issued. Otherwise, all fees are non-refundable and non-transferable unless otherwise stated.


You may pay by Visa, MasterCard, cash or cheque. All classes and events must be pre-paid. If you register for an event without including payment and then do not attend, you will be billed for this activity. Any outstanding balances will be deducted from your funding.

Changes to submitted registration forms

You have 48 hours to make any changes to your class registration. After that . . . we cannot make changes!

Not an allergen-free zone!

Phoenix cannot in any way guarantee that the Centre is allergen free. Please take appropriate cautions. If your child has a severe allergy, please make sure they have their Epi-pen with them at all times and can self-administer. Phoenix staff cannot administer medications. If your child cannot self administer, then YOU need to stay on site to ensure the child’s safety.

Kinder kids

If you have a child in kindergarten, you are required to be the child’s aide for any classes they attend, or else to designate another responsible adult to fill this role.

Participant risk and photos

By registering for a class or program with the Phoenix Home Education Foundation, participants are assuming all risks and responsibilities for the program. You may be asked to sign a Waiver of Claim and Assumption of Risk form for designated and high risk programs and give it to the instructor on the first day of class. If you or your child have a disability, allergy and/or medical condition, you may need to complete a Participants Information Form before the class starts. In any event, you should always notify the class instructor of any medical needs or conditions. This will help us meet your needs and ensure your safety. Parents are required to remain in the building at all times.

During events, Phoenix staff may be taking photos for use on the website and in other promotional materials. By registering, you are granting Phoenix permission to use these photos, which may include you and your children, for promotional purposes.