National Music Centre

Field trip – Nov 10, 2017 – National Music Center

  • Gr. 2-5
  • Date: Friday, Nov. 10th
  • Time: 12:45-3:45pm
  • Address: 850-4 Street SE

National Music Centre – Card quest (Gr. 2-5)

With their trusty iPad map in hand, students are lured through the stages of Studio Bell- solving riddles, learning new skills, observing musical demonstrations, and testing their abilities. Each task they complete wins them a customized card, with pictures and descriptions. At the end of the day, take your card collection back to class and keep them as learning tools and as part of an interactive game.

Pre-registration is required. Program cost: $14.00/student – $5.00/adult

Register at:

One World, One Drum . . . Even for Homeschoolers!

Last week we invited One World Drum to come to the Nest and do a session with our kids! It was sooooo much fun!  Check it out!

For more information about One World Drum, click here . . .


Kudos for Phoenix!

The name of this student has been changed and this email is being shared with permission of the parent.

Sent: February-21-14 1:55 PM
Subject: Kudos to the Phoenix staff!

Dear Diana, Jill and Kim,

I have been meaning to send an e-mail to you for some time, but a recent occurrence has spurred me to make the time.

Although I looked at several homeschooling supports for grade 1, I decided that Phoenix Foundation would continue to meet the needs of our family. The main reason for this is the music teachers that Phoenix has on staff. No other homeschooling foundation that I looked at provide access to music education. Music not only provides education in the arts, but also in math, history, language arts and geography. Therefore, it was important to me that SARAH continue her piano lessons as a portion of her curriculum.

Furthermore, many of the homeschooling supports focus on technology. While I appreciate technology has some merit in education, I don’t believe that it should be the primary focus, especially in the lower grades. I believe that education at this stage should avoid virtual reality and provide more hands on opportunities.

My daughter struggles with transitions; she has difficulty in new environments and does not appreciate change. Recently, Vanessa’s music room was relocated within the Phoenix Foundation facility. Vanessa anticipated SARAH’s adverse reaction to this change and met us at the entrance for SARAH’s piano lesson. She sat with SARAH and explained the transition and hugged SARAH while she worked through her grief.  Vanessa then told SARAH that she needed help in creating memories in the new music room. They proceeded into the music room where they spent half an hour exploring the space together; playing the piano, seeing where everything belonged in the new room, what the differences were, even playing some of the instruments introduced in kindergarden. I applaud Vanessa’s foresight (and insight) in SARAH’s reaction to the change. I wanted to express my gratitude to Vanessa for the understanding and compassion she showed SARAH during this transition. These qualities in the staff is the reason we continue to attend Phoenix Foundation.

Thank you all for the support you have shown us over the past year and a half.


You are so welcome! This is just one example of the kind of love, care and nurturing we do everyday at Phoenix!

Homeschool Music Lessons

Phoenix is this very cool place that has just about everything families need to homeschool . . . support, one-on-one help, tutoring, getting started workshops, resources, classes, fieldtrips, coffee and more!

Piano, guitar, violin, voice and hand drumming!

While your child is exploring the instrument of their choice, you as the homeschooling parent can meet with your Learning Coach and talk homeschooling – ask questions, express worries and get the assistance you need to have a wonderful year!

Music lessons start this week – Sept 10-13, 2013.

If you have signed up already for lessons at the front desk, you have been given your time slot. If you are not clear as to when your music lesson is, please call on Tuesday morning! Miss Sherry, our school secretary knows everything! (Well . . . except the winning loto numbers!)

Fees: $22.00 per 1/2 hour lesson, $792.00 for the year (Week of Sept 10 to week of June 10 )or $396 for half year (Week of Sept 10 to week of Jan 28 or week of Feb 4 to week of June 10th).

Not signed up yet . . . both Master Alex (piano on Wednesdays) and Tony (for guitar on Thursday) have spaces left. Yahoo . . . You didn’t miss it!

Want to sign your student up:

1) Call on Tuesday afternoon to book a time or email us.

2) Check them out this week when you bring in your class registrations (Rainforest classes start next week!) OR your educatoinal program forms (Deadline for this is Sept. 28 – Don’t wait!)

3) We will pro-rate for a later start!

Music at Phoenix is very popular!

The kids love it and so will you! My daughter Megan took music lessons formally for a couple of years and while she currently does not take lessons, she loves to sit down in front of the piano and work out popular songs she hears on the radio. She can do this ONLY because of the great foundation the Phoenix music instructors gave her!

Program Guide for 2013-2014

We did it!

We got the whole year’s worth of programming done! And it is only June!! Yahoo!! Parents, this should allow you to effectively plan your year. The WHOLE YEAR!!! Please remember, it is still a draft and we will have some editing to do on it. (If you find errors, please let us know!! Hey, we’re not perfect! I know that surprises you . . . but we’re homeschoolers too!)

What an amazing Line up!

Take a look at all the great classes, workshops and more that we have planned. Our themes for this year are:

  • Rainforests – with frogs, monkeys and more
  • Heroes and Villains – featuring real-life heroes and pretend ones too!
  • Ancient China – from rice to the great wall (also built with rice – did you know that?)
  • India – the sights, sounds and smells
  • Egypt in Africa – past and present!

We are going to blow your mind!

Our classes include EVERYTHING your child will need to have an amazing learning experience. We buys thousands of dollars ( And I do mean thousands!!) of clay, paint, glue, paper and more. High quality supplies make learn real and messy!

Join us!

We are accepting students in a grades 1-9. Kids who love to learn and explore. Check out our cool creation studio, where learning comes alive for our grades 1-6 kids and the huge selection of hands-on courses for our teens! They cook, sew, crave, create and more!! Please see our Junior High Program Guide for information about the classes we are offering for this level! (We got this guide done for the year too!!! Man, we rock!! Toot, toot! We will post this soon!!)

Cover 2013-2014 PROGRAM GUIDE SEPT 2013Draft

Music to My Ears

In this episode, Jill Mann is away. Diana Stinn is joined by Vanessa Farkas, one of our talented music teachers.


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