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Walking with the Dino Puppets!

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This was the last class of the theme called “It’s Alive”. Students learned how theatrical performances such as “Walking with the Dinosaurs” used electrical mechanisms to move these massive monsters. Then they built their own puppets and performed a short skit.

What a fun class!

Big thanks to Ms. Jenn – one of our amazing Chopshop monkeys and one of our fabulous artists here at Phoenix!


Gooooood Morning, Phoenix!

The Phoenix Foundation Squawkcast

Squawkcast: Ep 37 – From Home

Join hosts Diana Stinn and Jill Mann for a discussion of what’s hatching at the Phoenix Foundation, as well, current events on the education scene in Alberta. Warning: Watch your coffee cup . . . laughter may ensue.

Ep 37
Date: Oct 6, 2014
Time: 25:15


Show Notes:

1. Introductions and welcome

2. Nest News – 254 students – full

3. What’s Hatching -

A. This past week we celebrated Count Day, went to Japanese village and we went to the YYC Comedy Fest Gala – thank you, Trond Frantzen.

B. New teen classes starting next week – intro to leadership, pioneer skills, sewing fundamentals

C. Feast – oct 17, 2014 at noon – must register

D. News articles -

New education minister for Alberta – http://news.nationalpost.com/2014/09/17/new-alberta-education-minister-and-former-pastor-ignites-progressive-left-backlash-with-appointment/?__federated=1

Money being wastedhttp://medicinehatnews.com/commentary/letters-to-the-editor/2014/09/30/money-being-wasted-in-education/

4. You can find out more about us at http://www.phoenixfoundation.ca, Facebook at www.facebook.com/PhoenixFoundationCalgary and u can follow us on iTunes.

5. Under our wing – article posted on facebook – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rae-pica/why-does-sitting-still-equal-learning_b_5922430.html

Thanks so much for listening! You can find out more about Phoenix at http://www.phoenixfoundation.ca