Irish Feast 2015

What a wonderful lunch we had – shepherds pie, leek and potato soup topped off with apple cake. Miss Vanessa played for us and Celtic Rocks danced! What a wonderful afternoon!

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Squawkcast: Ep. 45 (again) – Budget info and mis-info

Join your hosts Jill Mann and Diana Stinn for a cup of Bird turd organic coffee and a lively discussion of Alberta Education Budget, AHEA’s points, various news article and some advice!

Ep. 45 – Budge Info and Mis-info

Date: April 15, 2015
Time: 36:15


Show Notes:

1. Introductions – Picture of Jill (Ode to Spring)

Springy Jill
2. Wing Feathers – Bruce Jackson, Renfrew Educational Services, John Mann, Barry Davidson and Bill Mart.

3. Nest News – (1) Enrollment numbers 9/25 ECS, 45/70 HE, 115/155 School-directed (2) Get your registration in soon to avoid disappointment. (3) Irish Feast on April 17 (4) Phoenix closed April 20-26 for Spring break. (5) April 15 – Whine and Cheese for Private School Operators only.

4. Glance Back thru Tail Feathers – (1) Ab Ed Meeting (2) Mom’s Night Out – Thank you, Judy Arnall for organizing!

5. Flown the Coup – Goodbye to Ms. Shelley Dainard – you will be missed!

6. Beak Off – Documents:

• Funding Manual:

• Guide to Education:

• Articles:



Remember to check out the info for yourself and have a fact-filled week everyone!

Jill Mann and Diana Stinn



With regards to ECS funding – Private Operators and Schools are not entitled to ECS class Size grant – this is a large part of the difference in ECS funding rates between the private operators and public jurisdictions. Please see page 13 of the funding manual.

Flaming Ms. Jade

Enrolment Updates

After 6 days, we are now 65% FULL!  Here are the stats:

  • Kinder 9/25
  • Home Education 42/70
  • School-directed 110/155

Remember that Alberta Education has capped everyone’s numbers for next year. That means we can only accept 250 students next year.