New! Parent Workshops – Build A Better Homeschooler

Build a betterNew Parent Workshops – Build a Better Homeschooler

January 9th – 10:00 – 11:30 AM – It Counts! – What are all the kinds of things you can submit to your Learning Coach? There will be pictures, demos, lists and more! Learn how to take a simple photograph of an activity and turn it into a cool submission for your Coach.   Babysitting available: $5.00 per child

Fee: $FREE  For Phoenix Families, $15.00 non-members



February 6th –  1:00 – 2:30 PM – File Folder Games – If you’ve never heard of File Folder Games, this is the spot for you! A file folder game is basically just what it says…..A game that is played on a file folder. Learn all about them and make a handful to take home to play with your student. Babysitting available: $5.00 per child

Fee: $15.00 For Phoenix Families, $20.00 non-members



March 20th –  10:00 – 11:30 AM – Unit Studies – What is a Unit Study? And how do your put together one that will engage your young learner? Sometimes known as integrated studies or thematic units, their popularity stems from using a hands-on learning approach. Unit studies encourage active learning skills. Come find out more! Babysitting available: $5.00 per child

Fee: $15.00 For Phoenix Families, $20.00 non-members



April 10th – 12:30 – 2:00 PM – Evan-Moor: Take It to Your Seat –  There are a multitude of great reasons why every homeschool teacher should have these books: you don’t need a special center area, the centers are easy to store for future use, you can make them ahead of time, you can individualize skill practice and the centers are just plain CUTE. Book Included ($28) Babysitting available: $5.00 per child

Fee: $40.00 For Phoenix Families, $50.00 non-members



New Teen Classes for January 2015

Sign Language – 11 weeks – Want to learn a second language? Consider sign language! Did you know two of our staff members are fluent in it? Learn the basics, some fun phrases and more!

Start Date: Jan. 7Sign Language

Time: 12:30 AM – 1 hour

Fee: $130.00, $104.00 members


Dance – 11 weeks – Hip Hop and more! Come dressed to move! This class may be used towards PE 10. Check with your High School Coach.

Start Date: Jan. 7

Time: 12:30 AM – 1 hour

Fee: $130.00, $104.00 members

 DanceVegetarian Cooking – 4 weeksFOD2130 – POSSIBLE CREDIT COURSE – Students learn how to create healthy, wholesome vegetarian diets by preparing suitable foods in a variety of ways. Prerequisite: FOD1010: Food Basics If taken for credit, student must successfully complete tutorials and take home booklets. There is a $20 marking fee!

Start Date: Jan. 7

Time: 1:30 PM – 2 hours

Fee: $120.00, $96.00



Art Journaling – A unique combination of writing and scrap booking. Learn to use art to convey your emotions and capture feeling. Instruction and supplies included.

Start Date: Jan. 16

Time: 10:00 AM – NOON

Fee: $25.00 for everyone

Art Journal


Mail time: Question from a Reader

Q. I have often heard it said that homeschooling is very flexible. What exactly do people mean when they say that?

A. Well they could mean several things when people are using that term to describe homeschooling. They might be referring to the selection of books and materials that are available. Parents can pick resources that are suited to their children’s learning needs and styles. They can use approved resources, commercially produced or internet resources, just to name a few.

They might be referring to the fact that when you homeschool you are not tied into a schedule or routine that is dictated by someone else. This is the part I personally love best about homeschooling.

They may mean …

  • Everyday and just about anywhere can be a learning experience including rainy days, sick days or snow days. For our family, Christmas time is full of learning. We buy a lot of educational gifts!
  • You can take a day off if the weather is beautiful or just do school outside. We never really take a day off because for us learning is something we do every day, all the time! It is how we grow and thrive.
  • You can take a vacation during the off season and no one is “behind the class” when you return from  the trip. Oh, yes! And save a ton of money in the process.
 You can adjust the pace of learning and the curriculum to suit a child’s learning style or weaknesses/strengths. This describes the Goldilocks effect – kids pick things up when it is just right for them!

 No missed buses!

  • You don’t have to worry about negative peer pressure. They spend a lot of time around adults, family and close friends. Homeschool kids have a much strong sense of self! They are well socialized and more empathetic.
  • You can do all the science experiments, art projects or nature walks you want – no rush to move on to the next subject or chapter. You can follow passions and develop skills. Yes! This is a huge part of why we homeschool!
  • Going to the library becomes at least a weekly thing and a life long habit. Children see parents learning everyday as well. They see the important adults in their lives learning, struggling and growing.

These are just a few of the things they might have meant when they said homeschooling was flexible. Hope this helped! Got a question? Please feel free to drop us a line.