What geographical areas do you service? Phoenix is proud to service Calgary and surrounding areas (Strathmore, Olds, Okotoks, Turner Valley, Innisfail, and Cochrane) for preschool, Kindergarten, and school-directed programming, and the whole province of Alberta for home education or parent-directed programs.

Are there any fees involved for registration, etc.? Our registration fee is $75.00 for each new student and $50.00 for each returning student.

How hard is it to switch from a traditional or home education (parent-directed) program to a school-directed program down the road? If you start your *school year* as home education (traditional), you cannot move to BlendEd or school-directed program in that same year. If you start your year as BlendEd or school-directed (100% aligned) you can move to home education at any time in the year.

Can we meet our certificated teacher (Learning Coach) before registering? In most cases we will know who your Learning Coach will be, and you are welcome to make an appointment in the summer to come and meet them!

How much notice do we get for visits (e.g. for progress reports) and when are they most likely to happen? Plenty of notice! Your certificated teacher (Learning Coach) will contact you by email or phone to arrange a time that is convenient for both parties. The face-to-face meetings generally happen in September-October, January-February and May-June for school-directed students, and November and May for home education kids. However you can arrange a meeting for your child any time help is needed. Your Learning Coach is available by phone, fax, email, and in person Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM year-round according to the school calendar.

What kind of support is available if we are having trouble with a subject? Your certificated teacher (Learning Coach) is a wealth of information! If you need links, curriculum ideas, or supplementary items, they can often point you in the right direction. They can also give you new ideas and insights about how to approach a concept. Our teachers can be reached by phone, email, fax, and in person during Phoenix business hours (9:00-4:00 Tuesday-Friday) to help you and your child. Your calls will be returned within one business day. School-directed programs also include several hours of PSI – Private Student Instruction. We also offer private tutoring and small group classes such as Math Helper for the older grades.

What testing must be done? All school-directed and BlendEd students are required to write the PATs or SLAs for Grades 3, 6 and 9. We also offer diagnostic testing to help identify strengths and weaknesses. Group testing for CTBS (Canadian Test of Basic Skills) is available twice during the year and included in a school-directed program.

How much funding do we get for resources? This varies depending on the program you choose. Alberta Education only allows schools to reimburse home education parents for resources they purchase – please see the HE Reimbursement Guidelines.

For all other programs, Alberta Education requires that the school provide the resources required for the completion of the program. For 2017-2018, the funding amounts are as follows:

  • Home Education = $850 per year
  • Blend Ed (School-directed) = resources, classes, field-trip opportunities and online courses provided directly by school

Does Phoenix offer access to second-hand materials? Phoenix plans several used curriculum sales throughout the year to give our families the opportunity to clean out their old items and purchase new-to-them resources and materials. Check our calendar for the next event.

What is the Creation Studio? The Creation Studio is a 3000-square-foot “In the Scene” thematic learning space. Every 2 months it is freshly redecorated with huge props, murals, floor paintings, and sets to correspond to a new theme.

Is there access to science labs or gym? Yes, we have a gym where we run karate, dance, and other fitness programs as well as P.E. classes that relate to our current theme. We do not have a science lab per se, but we do offer many science classes filled with fun hands-on experiments. Please see our current Program and Classes section for more information about classes being offered.