New Squawk Cast

Welcome to Squawk – a podcast about homeschooling at the Phoenix Foundation in Calgary!

#10: Fundraising, Fun and Festivities!

Guests – Karen Jackson

Time: 18:17


1.Wing Feathers – Thank you Corsair Design and Control Systems. Kindness ideas!

2. Nest News – Big comfy chairs, keep it clean! Speicfal needs handout box.

3. What’s Hatching – Medieval Feast / Christmas Party / Teen Potluck / Website and Stats

4. Glance Back – MS Read-a-thon

5. Good Egg, Bad Egg – Scholastic Item

6. Beak Off – Drop in fees

7. From the Ashes – New Program guide and format for January

8. Laying an Egg – Learning activities for Break / Dec 19 – Cardinal Craft and Dec 14 – Terrariums.

9. Final Flap

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