Coming Soon to the Creation Studio – Sept 2013 Rain-forests!

While everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of this school year in the Creation Studio Literary Characters, the ChopShop monkeys are already getting ready for the first theme of next school year.  We want it all set up so folks can peek over the summer.  We are going to turn the Studio into Rain-forests!

Tropical and Temperate Rain-forests!

IMG_0800Lush green tropical rain-forests with bright birds, amphibians, and swinging monkeys will be in one area.  IMG_0798


IMG_0789 IMG_0790IMG_0794

Majestic tall trees, moose and eagles of some of coastal Temperate rain-forests you may see in BC Canada will be in the other. IMG_0796

One thing we have noticed while working in the studio the last couple of days is that we are feeling watched….there seem to be critters watching us from everywhere!

We hope you have all had a wonderful school year and look forward to enlivening next year for you as well! Remember to get your registrations in for next year!

Jill Mann and the ChopShop Monkeys 🙂


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