What’s Happening Behind the Scene in the Chopshop and Creation Studio

Well summer is on us all here at Phoenix! Some of us have been on holidays, and some of us have been working, getting things ready for next year.

While Karen and I had some time off, the other chopshop monkeys have been working so hard to gut and rebuild the back chopshop.  This is the glorious sight I arrived to when I came in to help out Axis today! Wow I can’t wait to work in here when we start building our first theme of the year Prehistoric!

I know it still looks disheveled but it will be wonderful! I can’t believe how hard your monkeys worked this summer! Thank you Axis for taking lead in this huge project, and to Jennifer, Ashley for all your sweaty assistance! Karen and I appreciate you all and your strong backs and hard work!

I hope you are all having a great summer!

Jill Mann 🙂

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