Life Long Learning for Homeschoolers


I have been asked a number of times why I chose to homeschool. Both of my children have been homeschooled since they where five and they have both finished high school with Phoenix. The simple answer when I started was I enjoyed being with my children, I enjoyed learning with my children and I wanted to instill in them a love of learning that didn’t only happen in a school classroom.

Phoenix was a match

Phoenix’s mission statement has provided a unique base of learning for our whole family. Learning hasn’t only happened through Phoenix’s wonderful classes and field trips. My children learned the value of work through helping around the school. My daughter spent last year helping in the mentor program. Phoenix has provided me with many opportunities to extend my learning through university classes. This I used to reinforce with my children that learning doesn’t finish just because you have finished high school. In September my son will be attending SAIT full time.

Life Long Learning!

What is a life long learner? To me it means no matter your age, or the stage of life you are in there are always multiple ways to find and enjoy the pleasure of learning something new. I have found a new way to learn for the cost of a yearly library card that a number of the staff and myself are currently enjoying as we prepare for the coming school year.

On the Calgary Public Library website you can find under the e-library heading the heading for Gale Courses: Online Courses for Life Long Learning. If you click on this you will find a catalogue of courses that cover many things including Business, Personal Development,Technology, Writing, and Teaching and Education. several of the staff are currently involved in one or two of the six week courses that include an exam at the end and a certificate of completion. The courses start on several dates so you can work it around your schedule.

Extending the Learning

In subsequent posts I will write about other ways that our family and others have found to extend our learning environments outside our home’s walls. I hope you will join me on a life long learning journey of your own.
Karen Jackson



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