Wing Feather program is back for 2016-2017.

Phoenix is committed to helping students develop active citizenship, healthy attitudes, responsible behaviours, and a passion for lifelong learning.

Did you notice someone acting especially kind or respectful?  Did you witness a student persevere to master a challenging concept?  Do you know a youth who volunteers in their community?  Know of anyone with a strong affiliation to a charity or humanitarian project?


Who can be nominated for a Wing Feather?  How do I make a nomination?

Anybody affiliated with Phoenix can be nominated.  This includes students, parents, staff, school volunteers, and board members.  Anybody can make a nomination.  Simply fill out a nomination form and drop it in the ‘Wing Feather’ box, located near the parents coffee station.  Please add as much detail as possible so the nominee can be awarded the appropriate colour feather for their good deeds.

Why a ‘Wing Feather’?

Birds rely on wing feathers to fly—they allow the bird to soar.  When members of  our learning community demonstrate ‘Acts of Kindness’, ‘Respect’, ‘Leaps of Learning’, or ‘Exceptional Service’, they do the same for Phoenix—they allow our school to soar!

What do the colours represent?

  • RED FEATHER – Act of Kindness:  this feather may be awarded to someone who initiates a random act of kindness, goes out of their way to be genuinely nice to another person, gets along well others, or acts in an exceptionally friendly and thoughtful manner.
  • GREEN FEATHERRespect:  this feather may be awarded to someone who shows respect for others through their actions or words, demonstrates acceptance for individual differences and/or cultural diversity, and/or treats others fairly.
  • YELLOW FEATHER Leap of Learning:  this feather may be awarded to someone who shows a high level of dedication and commitment to their coursework or job.  This could include someone who improves their grades, meets their goals, or who demonstrates a strong work ethic in mastering new concepts, or who overcomes a life/learning challenge.
  • BLUE FEATHER Exceptional Service:  this feather may be awarded to someone who goes out of their way to help and serve others without any expectation of reward or payment.  Leadership, community service, volunteerism, coaching, or supporting a charity/humanitarian project could count as qualifiers.

Does every nomination automatically result in the nominee receiving a feather?

Every nomination will be carefully considered by the ‘Wing Feather’ committee to determine if an award is merited. Since it is possible that several different people may nominate someone for the same deed, not every nomination will earn a feather.  Only one feather per act will be awarded.  You are encouraged to try to earn a feather from each colour category over the course of the school year.

How will the feathers be awarded?

Successful nominees will be notified in person, by phone, or e-mail, by the program coordinator (Lisa Raffan).  If the recipient is able to be present at Phoenix, he/she may accept the award in person, and help put the symbolic feather on the display board.  If he/she is not able to be present, the coordinator will attach the feather to the display board on behalf of the winner.  The feathers will remain on the display board until Phoenix’s Year End Ceremony, at which time the feathers will be available to take home.  Anyone who receives at least one feather in each of the four colour categories will receive additional recognition at the Year End Ceremony.

Questions about the Wing Feather Program may be directed to Lisa Raffan (