Developmental Asset #23: Homework

According to Search Institute, it’s a good sign if an adolescent reports doing at least one hour of homework per school day. If you are a homeschooling or Phoenix Foundation family, this doesn’t really apply to your adolescent, since they already do the majority of their schoolwork at home. Nevertheless, Search Institute’s suggestions for homework encouragement might be helpful for you and your teen.


  1. Ask your neighbours (or members of your community) about their areas of expertise, and whether they would be willing to help out with assignments once in awhile. Create a “Homework Helpers” list by subject area for when you and your teen get stuck on something at home.


  1. Sit with your children (of any age) as they work on assignments and do quiet work of your own, e.g. paying bills, reading work-related material, or continuing your own education. It’s good to establish this routine when they’re young and continue it as they get older.


  1. Encourage your teen to form study groups with other students when appropriate.


RECOMMENDED READING: Engaging Every Parent! Encouraging Families to Sign On, Show Up, and Make a Difference by Nancy Tellett-Royce and Susan Wootten.


Search Institute has identified 40 building blocks of healthy development, known as Developmental Assets, that help adolescents to grow up healthy, caring, and responsible. Visit us here every Wednesday to read about different ways that you, your family, and your community can take action to help equip our young people develop resilience and achieve success in life.