180 Days of Selfcare: Nutrition and Hydration

I think we have all been here, we’re running to leave in the morning, or a class in the afternoon and say, I will eat something later! And if you are anything like me the latter sometimes happens and sometimes doesn’t till it’s time for the next meal. I get so caught up in what I am doing that I completely forget lunch some days. So over the last week I took into practice the ideas 180 days had for this. 

I started off with making sure I drank enough water in the day, some days were easy. Working from home, having my big water cup and just sipping on it all day. The days I had a hard time were the days I wasn’t working from home. I would go hours without drinking anything then remembering when I was dying for a drink. So I started every hour trying to stop and drink even a small glass of water and you know, I felt more productive and awake throughout the day. 

Now food, I was finding that eating a full meal wasn’t what my body always wanted when working my pretty physical job. So I tried to make sure to eat smaller snacks throughout the day instead of worrying about eating one big meal. It worked way better for me, some cheese and pepperoni here, and some carrots or fruit a little later, really helped me keep the same energy all day without having the midday drag in energy. 

What are some things you eat throughout the day, try over the next week to think about what you had eaten in the day, did today feel different than the day before? 

How did your overall mood change with drinking more water throughout your day? Were you more awake? Or have more energy? 

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