180 Days of Self Care: Music

I feel like this book starts off strong, I know all through high school I always had music playing while I studied and worked. Depending on the project I would change what I was listening to. 

I had forgotten about this and brought it into my work this past week. Putting on some of my favorite music really helped me get through the tasks I wasn’t as excited to do in both work and life. Doing dishes and laundry is much more enjoyable and goes much faster when you don’t just have your inner voices and thoughts going on about what else you could have been doing. 

This week let’s try and bring a little more music into your child’s and your own work week. Experiment, one day let them pick all the music you both listen to, how productive are you both? Do you get more or less work done than a quiet room? And then the next day you pick all the music, did they find new songs they seem to enjoy? Did the work for the day change? Did you do impromptu dance moments? 

How about a day where you pick a genre of music you both don’t listen to often, maybe classical or light rock, or pop. How did that change your day? 

Music brings a lightness and joy to the day that can help break up a big work day, be that school work, house work, or day to day jobs. 

What song surprised you while you were listening? Was there one that popped up that made you listen a little harder? 

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