BLOG: Homeschool Meanderings

First of all, let me tell you I don’t think this post has anything to do with education, or homeschooling, or the Creation Studio….unless we can stretch our imaginations to associate this with a physical education plan…..YA, that’s it!! PE!!

The other evening, I was wandering through my house and chuckling due to our pets, Ben the dog, and Taco the cat, begging and demanding their evening treat time from my Hubby.  They can be very insistent! Treat time in Mann Land is a very exciting time, sometimes each little tidbit is gently tossed into the air for each pet to attempt to catch mid-air, the dog has an excellent record, and the cat is showing improvement. Sometime it is the long throw across the room and then mad dashes from each pet in turn…yes it is true, they take turns lol. Oh the running, leaping, and pouncing that goes on!

So this got me thinking….My family has been particularly sloth like this holiday season, oh sure we all have had our excuses, from the frigid cold, tired from work, achy from work, laptops were obviously invented for laying on the couch cruising Pinterest, don’t feel like it….meh.  But!!… we have all managed to drag our bodies to the dinner table and found the strength to do the long stretch to the snack bag. Yes it is true…all our jeans are a might snug this Jan….except my son….but we shall not speak of that lean mean eating machine in this post! Besides I think he is unsure if he should be smug or scared when we scowl as he wanders off to flop down to play Xbox with a bag of chips and dip and a cola, knowing full well that he will not gain a single pound!

Anyway, back to my thought….The pets are running and leaping and jumping to get their treat right? They are getting exercise right? Regardless of my cats plumpness she is moving and supposedly burning calories! Soooo, here is my proposal….instead of sitting down to the table to eat….we should take turns tossing our bite sized food , out into the room in various directions as we each leap about to try and snag it from the air, or pounce on it on the floor before someone else can get it! Think about it!! It would keep you from eating too fast, we are supposed to slow down and not gobble our meals. It could be either an exercise of taking turns…or…all out full contact, survival of the fittest!

Oh gosh NO! I just thought that through, and found a huge flaw in my plan….that would mean I would have to have an impeccably clean floor!! That cannot happen in my world! Oh well…perhaps someone else, with an already clean floor will adopt my fitness plan and take it to the world with books and videos and get rich…and I can watch them on a morning talk show, and think that could have been me! If only I had a clean floor, and could drag myself off the couch!

This strange rambling has been brought to you from,

Jill Mann….she who was feeling the ache after having to climb ladders this week 🙂

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