BLOG: Home-Schooled Teenagers….are they normal?

Short answer….yes….well actually….no……well…..

First off, these are just my own goofy observations of the various teens in my own world…the names have been changed to protect the innocent…. ridiculous….hormonal….yup teens.

I think teenagers, in general, are constantly amusing and astounding to observe in their natural environments. They are often these grown up looking beings, and yet they can still be so young in so many ways.  My daughter is no longer a “teen” and just starting to find her way in the world of adults and careers,  tricky stuff as well.  I LOVE my remaining teen and his friends, I am always curious to hear how they interpret their world and relationships.  I am fortunate that my kids have had friends in both homeschooling as well as friends that attend public schools, that includes kids who have moved back and forth between both environments as their need or families need has changed over the years.  I have seen these assorted teens make well thought out and carefully crafted choices…I have also seen some choices that, well, frankly I have to just shake my head and chuckle. They can be fiercely loyal as well as flighty and fickle.   They are very brave and independent but can flip just as fast, to being unsure of themselves and overwhelmed with the size of the world, and how will they ever find their place in it.

Home-school teens and socialization….yup they like it. They love hanging out and laughing with their friends. phoenix teen days 055

Home-schooled also like quieter time to let their thoughts wander, watch TV, read and play video games. phoenix teen days 020

Home-school teens and school work…..nope they would rather do something else, lol. But they do it, some kids are more eager for some subjects that others, but they know it all has to be done, so they do it. If they need help, they ask their parent or their Learning Coach [certificated teacher] or they can schedule time with a tutor.  phoenix teen days 014phoenix teen days 005

 phoenix teen days 018

Home-school teens and physical activity…..yup some like it, and nope some don’t. But they tend to have more flexible lives so they can make choices work with what they do enjoy.  For some kids it is activities like Gym, Fitness class, dance, community sports, Karate, swimming and many more. phoenix teen days 047phoenix teen days 022

I love how these homeschooled teens will sit down with various adults around and visit without weirdness. I have often been part of these conversations and always enjoy them.  I have heard of “regular school” teens being a little confused by this behavior when they have visited our homes or gathering places, but they will often follow the lead of their comfortable friend and relax.

I often see homeschool teens sit down to listen, chat or play a game with a younger child, these young children are in awe of the big kids and soak up and love their attention. This is so valuable in so many ways because these young kids grow up feeling valued and cared for by the teens, not picked on and fearful.  I am now seeing the little ones of our past, grown into these giving, caring teens and passing down these same values to the next batch of little ones.  phoenix teen days 021

These teens are no different than their public school friends in that they must somehow learn to traverse the difficulties of relationships. Arguments and misunderstandings with peers, broken hearts.  Not to mention they have to deal with parents UGH poor little mites!  But then, dealing with parents is also what makes all these moments a little more meaningful. They are still going to go through all the rough patches in life, they are still going to occasionally make the bone headed move or choice….BUT….they have a solid relationship with their family to help them through and perhaps decipher the learning moments of their blunders.  I think this is one of the key points between the differences of homeschool and public school kids.  The parents are more likely to be confided in and be able to aid along the way.  We are more aware of the day to day adventures of our kids, not because we are snooping, but because our children seem to just naturally share what is up in their lives, because they always have.

So, in conclusion…Yes, Home-schooled teens are normal….and No, they are not normal. But then, when are any teens completely normal or predictable!

Just my ramblings!

Jill Mann

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