Just a quick howdy from the ChopShop!

Happy Friday folks!!

Jill here….I just wanted to say Hi!!!! I also wanted to let you know that your ChopShop Monkeys are hard at work preparing for Ancient China. photo

The dancing dragon and lion head masks are almost done….just needing some fluffy feathers to be attached :-). You can see the Giant Panda looking on…he may be familiar as our brown bear from Canadian Rain Forest theme….he had a makeover and looks fabulous lol.

dancing dragon and lion mask headsWe are prep-painting some wood that will be painted as beautiful Chinese vases….Karen tried hiding from the camera behind a giant abacus, but it didn’t work ;-). abacus

So all in all it is coming together nicely!! Be sure to get your registration in soon!

Hey you know what else? We had all kinds of parking today!!! Several of us were very confused this morning as we arrived at Phoenix as it seemed so empty….but guess what…the construction site across the street has finally completed their own parking area!!! Whoohooo!! Hopefully this will continue to mean that the construction guys will park over there and not take up all our street parking!!!

street parking            Look at all that glorious morning street parking!!! Hope to see you soon!

Jill Mann

more street parking

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