Squawkcast: Ep. 38 – Discovering Kids Strengths

Join Jill Mann and Diana Stinn for a cup of coffee and a very serious discussion . . . NOT ! Well, ok we do talk about develping strengths in kids, the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens and more . . . much more!

Ep. 38
Date: Oct 26, 2014
Time: 32:10


Show notes:

1. Introductions and what we’re going to do today – Sorry, Diana still has a cold!

2. Wing feather – thank you to Bow Habitat – http://esrd.alberta.ca/recreation-public-use/bow-habitat-station/default.aspx

3. Nest news – it was a week off but we were still really busy.

– rentals and some catering

-Field trip to Bow Habitat two days

– Fall Administrators meeting with Albert Education

– instructors in prepping for the next week

– shopping for Mexico theme

– leader in me workshop – http://www.theleaderinme.org

– Cornerstone Youth Group – http://www.cyccalgary.com

– Prehistoric Feast – 93 burgers served – Next one is the Mexican Feast – Dec. 12, 2014 @ Noon

– Anejo – Mathew Davidson – http://www.anejo.ca

4. What’ hatching – camps start next week please see the program guide for more information, Day of the Dead parties on Friday – open to all homeschoolers – see page 48 of the Grade 1-6 Program Guide – $5.00 per child – 10:30 AM – Teen party at NOON – register by Wednesday at 4:00 PM.

5. Glanced back through the tailfeathers – The Seven Habits material by Stephen Covey and his son Sean Covey  –https://www.iusd.org/chs/Handbook%20Files/HB_Seven_Habits_of_Highly_Efffective_Teens8.pdf

6. Beak off – our complaint for this week please make sure you check your program guide, Google calendar, website, Yahoo Group, Facebook for when we are closed and when we are, all classes, events, music lessons and Phoenix programs are not running. Next break will be over Christmas.

Experience Martial Arts – www.experiencemartialarts.ca

7. Fledgling funnies – the kids and their perspective about old, how our paradigm changes as we age.

8. Under our wing – The book “Helping Kids Find Their Strengths” and a lesson on focusing on good experiences – this book seems to be out of print but here are some great websites:



9. Facebook article – http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/wp/2014/10/24/teacher-spends-two-days-as-a-student-and-is-shocked-at-what-she-learned/

10. Jill – wishing you a “hallo” week.

Thanks for listening!

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