Squawkcast – Ep.41

Join Jill Mann and Diana Stinn for a cup of coffee and a discussion about homeschooling in Alberta. This week’s episode features special guest, Barry Davidson.


Show Notes – Ep. 41

Date: Jan. 4, 2015
Special Guest: Barry Davidson

Introductions – Welcome Barry Davidson, Jill sick today.

Wing Feathers – Final farewell to Theresa Kondrat

Nest News – (1) Camps start Jan. 6, there is still some room, please see the website for more information, (2) Wacky Wednesday – teen classes still room (3) Thursday is Jammie day, (5) Friday we have a parent workshop called “It Counts” on submissions – 10:00 AM, babysitting available. (6) if you’re interested in our Bird Turd coffee, please contact Phoenix at 403-265-7701. The cost is 14.75 per pound. See front desk.

Bird Brains – (1) New Education Act effective Sept. 2015. 4 new regulations that affect us – Home Education Regulation, Private School, ECS Regulation and Student Records. You have until Jan. 31 to give Govt input on the regulations. Phoenix will host an information night with facilitator John Blevins on Jan. 19 at 6:00 PM. To register for this, please call 403-265-7701

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