Squawkcast – Ep. 48: #IamLearning

Join your hosts Jill Mann and Diana Stinn for a cup of FLOCK OFF decaf coffee and a lively discussion about year end. Find out what kind of an “egg” we give the new Education Minister, Mr. David Eggen!

Ep. 48 – #IamLearning

Date: June 11, 2015

Listen now: 

Show Notes:

  1. Introductions – Welcome – to get some FLOCK OFF coffee, please contact the Phoenix Foundation.
  2. Wing Feathers – All staff and friends of Phoenix, Phoenix Board, Audrey Gene and Delta West Academy
  3. Nest News – Building is being painted!
  4. What’s Hatching – (1) Resources and Reimbursements  (2)  Open up to June 26 and then closed for a week. (3) July 8 at NOON – Stampede Chilli Cook-Off – Enter a pot of your favorite chilli and win a prize. Last year we had over 12 different kinds of chilli – some hot, some spicy and all very “nice-y”! Walk around to each table, try the chilli and then place your vote. Winner takes home a cookbook and a $50.00 Chili’s Gift Certificate.
  5. Glance Back thru Tail Feathers – Year End ceremony
  6. Good Egg, Bad Egg – This week David Eggen, New Education Minister gets a good egg!
  7. Flown the Coup – Goodbye to Ms. Tash and Saruman, Sir Christopher Lee
  8. Final Flap – (1) Year End meetings can be stressful (2) Summer learning ideas (3) Bad Tweet Jokes (4) Don’t forget to tweet #IamLearning and win a T-shirt. (www.Iamindependent.com)

This is Jill Mann and Diana Stinn wishing you a sweet tweet of a week! Thanks for listening.


One comment

  1. Always love hearing your voices! It has been a wonderful year of Squawkcast, thank you! From Trish

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