Our new Honey Bees have arrived from New Zealand.

Thanks to the generous support of the Whole Kids Foundation Bee Cause Grant, Bee Wise supplies, and volunteers Christine Hourd, Alex Ranger and Jenn Hvingelby along with our lead BeeKeeper, Calgary BeeKeepers Association President Thomas Schweizer, we now have 2 Bee Hives full of living, working Bees here at Phoenix Foundation. We are proudly the first K-12 school in Calgary to have Bees onsite, perhaps even in the Province.


“The learning opportunities are endless” says Executive Director Diana Stinn. “Bees are so important to all of our lives”.  In fact, our own Karen Rinehart tells us that the Grade 2 insect unit starts today and Bees are a major feature of this unit. The timing is remarkable.


Have a look at the photo’s below of the arrival. Below is a full travel box of Bees. They flew in these containers all the way from New Zealand to here:


Thanks to the support of…