Developmental Asset #9: Service to Others

This is closely related to Developmental Asset #8: Youth As Resources. Young people are empowered when they have opportunities to serve others, especially when it becomes part of their regular routine. There are many ways for your adolescent to provide meaningful service. Here are just a few.


  1. Encourage your teen to organize or join a cleanup crew for a residential area or park.


  1. Work together with your teen to help someone in need. Help an older neighbour with yard work or household maintenance. Bring food to someone in your community who is grieving or sick. Maybe ask Miss Lisa at Phoenix, who runs our Care Program, whether there are any Phoenix families who could benefit from your help or support.


  1. Volunteer together for a charity. If you make financial contributions, consider helping your teen to do so as well. Ask them whether they have their own cause in mind that they would like to support.


  1. Provide foster care for a pet through your local animal shelter.


RECOMMENDED READING: Empowering Youth: How to Encourage Young Leaders to Do Great Things by Kelly Curtis and The Best of Building Assets Together: Favorite Group Activities That Help Youth Succeed by Jolene Roehlkepartain


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