Developmental Asset #12: School Boundaries

Just as it’s important that teens be given clear boundaries and consequences at home, it is equally important that they be held accountable in their school environment. If you are a Phoenix family, your teens may not spend very much time on site at school, but they are still held to standards of respectful behaviour while they are here. They, and you, are also responsible for submitting work on time, attending meetings, and interacting appropriately with Phoenix staff. Whether you are with Phoenix or with another educational institution, here are some ways you can take action to make sure your teen is receiving and respecting boundaries at school.


  1. Lead by example. Be respectful of staff, rules, deadlines, facilities, and other families, and make sure your children are as well.


  1. Keep communication open with your child’s Learning Coach about deadlines and expectations.


  1.  Review your teen’s work after every study session to make sure that the work is getting done and that progress is being made.


  1. School should feel safe for children. Talk to them about their school experience, and if you find out that bullying is going on, or have any other safety concern, report it.


RECOMMENDED READING: RECOMMENDED READING: Safe Places to Learn: 21 Lessons to Help Students Promote a Caring School Climate by Paul Sulley


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