Developmental Asset #13: Neighbourhood Boundaries

As neighbours, it is in everyone’s best interest that we remain aware of the youth in our community and what they are doing.Young people need to know that they are not just accountable to themselves, their families, and their schools, but to the community at large. As a neighbour, here are some ways you can help support youth and their parents.


  1. It is important to let a child’s parents know if they are misbehaving in your neighbourhood, but it is equally important to relay praise for responsible behaviour and acts of kindness. Reinforce good behaviour by acknowledging it.


  1. Meet the parents of your children’s friends. If your preteens are going on outings unsupervised, communicate with the other parents to agree on plans and coordinate pick-up times.


  1. Make your home one that kids want to come to. Maintain authority in your home, but be welcoming.


RECOMMENDED READING: Parenting Preteens with a Purpose: Navigating the Middle Years by Kate Thomsen and The Best of Building Assets Together: Favorite Group Activities That Help Youth Succeed by Jolene Roehlkepartain


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