Social Skills Series #1: Introducing Yourself

This series is based on personal stories, but at the risk of getting off to a lukewarm start, I must admit I don’t have a cute story about making introductions. I will say this: I have seen many shy kids struggle with this basic skill. Many a time I have introduced myself to a child, stuck out my hand to shake, and seen them shrink back and clam up completely. Each time they clam up is a missed opportunity to make a connection.

With enough practice, your child should be able to make a strong introduction even if they’re feeling shy. It’s especially important that your kids introduce themselves well to adults. It’s a great way to impress them and get positive attention from them right from the outset.

Have your child memorize the following simple steps, and practice with you at home. These 5 ‘S’s are guaranteed to being those little clams out of their shells!

The 5 ‘S’s

Stand up
Smile (and make eye contact!)
Say your name
Shake their hand (right hand to right hand!)
Say something pleasant (like “Nice to meet you!”)

For a more detailed explanation of the 5 ‘S’s, watch this video from Smart Kids 101.

Since I couldn’t give you a cute story, perhaps you’ll forgive me if I give you a cute song instead. Since clams were mentioned, here is a song about a clam! It doesn’t have anything to do with making introductions, but I hope it makes you smile nonetheless.


RECOMMENDED: Smart Kids 101 (YouTube channel): How-to videos on life skills, etiquette, and safety for kids and their parents.


Vanessa Farkas is a writer, musician, educator, and lifetime learner who worked at the Phoenix Education Foundation as a music teacher from 2010-2018 and has left to retrain and pursue a new career as a legal assistant. Her eight years at Phoenix have left her enriched with experiences and stories, and this series blends those stories and experiences with practical advice and perspectives on helping children develop social skills. Names have been changed.