Covid-19 Update

Dear Phoenix Families,

I am writing to you today to provide information regarding Covid-19 and what we at Phoenix are doing in response. As a Phoenix family, your health and safety has been and remains a priority for us.  Part of running a school includes emergency response to all kinds of scenarios such as this. Alberta Health Services and Alberta Education have been providing regular updates and additional information which we have passed along to you. 

Our normal cleaning routine includes disinfecting and sanitizing our school twice-daily; in the morning before you all arrive and at the end of the day. Cleaning is done with a bleach solution or Clorox wipes. The Learning Commons, bathrooms and classrooms are wiped down in the morning before you arrive and at the end of each day. This includes wiping down all handles, door knobs and switches. The toys and manipulatives are sterilized on a regular basis. We also encourage students to wash their hands at the beginning of every class and before lunch (for those in lunch supervision). Finally, we ask you to stay at home if anyone in your family is sick. 

Alberta Health Services reminds us that washing your hands is the BEST way to stop the transmission of all influenza viruses, so please, please, please review proper hand-washing  with your kiddos. If they are little and need assistance, please ensure they are doing this properly and often. Remember – they should be scrubbing for 20 seconds…Mr D and the kinders have a catchy little tune if they need extra motivation!

Additional measures will now include an extra wipe down of the Breakfast club area and daily spraying of items that are used on a regular basis, such as bins. We have topped up all the hand sanitizer stations throughout the school but if you should find one that needs a refill, please let us know. We also ask that you take a few minutes to wipe down frequently touched surfaces and the spaces you have occupied for the day, like your table. There are Lysol wipes throughout the building. 

Finally we have a request . . . as you know, some cleaning products are becoming scarce, so if you see Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, please buy and donate some. We literally go through thousands of these each year!


  • Refunds – At this time our usual refund policy still applies in other words… If we cancel the class, we will refund your fee. If you decide not to come for whatever reasons,  then we will be sad and miss you. If you know that you will be missing a class, please let us know so that we can plan accordingly. You guys are good at this and we sure appreciate it!
  • Pandemic Planning – FIRST – Stay Calm and Phoenix on! Hee Hee! Remember, our methodology lends itself to accommodate situations like this! We have three levels of plans in place that address a variety of scenarios. If we need to make any changes, we will notify you via website, email and schoology. SECOND, Alberta Education and Alberta Health Services provide direction to schools regarding closures and restrictions. We will keep you posted!!

Last Word – The situation changes daily soooooooo what is, at this moment, is . . . but it can change rapidly as we all know!
(Again . . . virtual HUG to y’all!)