Squawkcast – Ep. 35 – Trends Transforming Homeschooling

Join show hosts Diana Stinn and Jill Mann for a discussion of the trends that some people think are transforming homeschooling. WARNING: Lots of laughter, some cool tips and a special guest – Clare Southgate!

Date: August 29, 2014

Time: 47:28


Show Notes:

1. Introductions – Special Guest Clare Southgate

2. Wing Feather – Calgary Opera – Thanks for the donation!

3. Nest News – Welcome to Rik Davis – Mr. D and Mike Whittington.

4. What’s Hatching – Challenge – We’re all a little nuts, Sept. 3 open house at 6:30 PM, Sept. 5 – closed for staff meeting, Sept. 9 parent workshops, Sept. 10 – Junior / High school orientation

5. Beak Off – Phone system issues. Shout out to Costie Muirhead for the help on this one! (Tranquility Technical Solutions)

6. Fledgling FunniesFAQs

7. Under Our Wing – 10 trends that are transforming Homeschooling – http://www.brilliantpublishing.com/Magazines/The-Homeschool-Handbook-July-August-2014/


Thanks for listening!

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