Welcome to our official and often hilarious audiocast!

Welcome to Squawkcast – a podcast about homeschooling at the Phoenix Foundation in Calgary!

Squawkcast: Episode #24

Join Jill Mann and Diana Stinn for a cup of joe and a chuckle as we explore homeschooling and the events and activities at the Phoenix Foundation.

  • Date: January 30, 2014
  • Time: 26:37 minutes


  1. Wing Feather: Homeschooler Canada, Thank you to Jenn
  2. Nest News: New carpet, changing offices, new TV/DVDs for the teachers
  3. What’s Hatching: China classes full – thank you, Feast – Feb. 22, 2014 at noon, CTV two and Group 10 meetings
  4. Beak Off: Please see our refund and change policy! You only have 48 hours to make a change. No refunds!
  5. Change: Power of Introverts – was March 25 but has to been changed as Diana is off for a bit at that time.
  6. Travel and homeschool
  7. Thank you to Alberta Education! Phoenix embodies Inspiring Education.

Squawkcast: Episode #23

Date: Jan. 8/14
Title: Happy New Year
Time: 25:10 minutes

Listen here:

Join Diana Stinn and Jill Mann for a coffee or a bubble bath and share some funny homeschooling moments.

Wing Feathers: Thank you to Ron Gilbert for some jig saws and to all who participated in the Purdies Fundraiser.

Nest News: Gym repainted and new mural – Thank you John and Jill Mann, Cityscape in Library, new floor in library – thank you Sandie and Sherry!

What’s Hatching:

  • Jan 16 – Apps for Education
  • Jan 21 – China OPens
  • Jan 22/23 – Alberta Education in
  • Jan 31 – Taste of China

Glance back through the Tail Feathers: 2013 remembered

Beak Off: Provincial Survey

From the Ashes: SOLE project

Under Our Wing: Knowledge which is required . . . Plato

Squawkcast: Episode #22 – More Work and Play – Free Range Learning

Ever heard about the marshmellow test and how it can determine your child’s success later in life? Stressing about what to focus on and what to let go in your homeschooling journey? Find out how to stop worrying and start homeschooling!

Join Jill Mann and Diana Stinn from the Squawkcast and their special guest, new homeschooler, Deanne Broson as they discuss Free Range Learning by Laura Grace Weldon.

Part 2: 34.16 minutes

Date: Nov 2013

Click here to listen:

Squawkcast: Episode #22 – Work and Play

Hey homeschoolers – Do you give your kids chores? Science says you should. To find out why, join Jill Mann and Diana Stinn, your hosts of the Squawkcast, the fun, slightly crazy podcast produced by the Phoenix Foundation!

Part 1: 32:24 minutes

Date: Nov 2013

Guest: Deanne Broson – new homeschooling mom

This episode is based on the book: Free Range Learning by Laura Grace Weldon

Squawkcast: Episode #20 – Passionate Homeshoolers

Join Jill Mann and Diana Stinn, two old hens who squawk about homeschooling. Grab a coffee, pull up a seat and be prepared to laugh and learn! This episode covers:

1. Wingfeathers – donations and thanks

2. Nest News – Building info

3. Bird Brains – Alberta Education initiatives

4. Under our Wing – Free Range Learning by Laura Grace Weldon – Interests and Passions

Time: 32 minutes

Listen here!

Squawkcast: Episode #19 – On Location- Kid Source

This is our 19th episode! So grab your coffee and be prepared to laugh . . . as Jill Mann and Diana Stinn talk about home schooling in Alberta. This chat is live from our Wine and Cheese event at Kidsource. Find out what is hip and cool in homeschooling this year.

Date: Sept. 19, 2013

Time: 14:45 minutes

A big thank you to Wanda and Penny at Kidsource!

Listen now:

Important note: Sept 28 is the last day Phoenix will be taking applications for homeschooling with FUNDING!

Contact us  NOW if you are interested!

Squawkcast: Episode #18 – A Tour

Join Jill Mann and Diana Stinn – two old birds squawking about homeschooling! WARNING: We had a great time doing this episode . . . giggles may spontaneously ensue!

Episode #18 is a virtual tour of Phoenix and what we have to offer. Right in the middle of the podcast, Global News showed up!! Thanks guys for a fun interview!

Listen here –

36:02 minutes

Squawkcast: Episode #17

Date: August 9, 2013
Time: 40:30

Join Jill Mann and Diana Stinn for a cup of coffee, a few laughs and a look at homeschooling. Today’s special guest is Theresa Kondrat from CanadaHomeschool.ca

Click here to listen NOW!

Squawkcast: Episode #16 – Trust in Homeschooling – Time: 37 minutes

Join Jill Mann and Diana Stinn for their next episode featuring a discussion on the book by Laura Grace Weldon called FREE RANGE LEARNING. This week the discussion focuses on TRUST – trusting in ourselves and our kids to learn. So grab your coffee and join us!

Title: #15 – FR – Innate Gifts –  Time: 24:36

This is our 15 episode! So grab your coffee and be prepared to laugh . . . as Jill Mann and Diana Stinn talk about home schooling in Alberta. This chat is about INNATE GIFTS based on the book by Laura Grace Weldon.


Title: #14 – FR – Learning for Life Time: 30:55

This episode is all about Learning for Life. Join Jill Mann and Dian Stinn for a cup of coffee and some laughs about homeschooling, their observations and research. Co-Founders of the Phoenix Foundation, Jill and Diana have worked with hundreds of homeschooling families across the province. BASED ON THE BOOK “FREE RANGE LEARNING” BY LAURA GRACE WELDON


Title: #13 – FR – Learning for Life Time: 16:00

Special Guests: Barry Davidson, Kim Parachoniak, Zara Who and Karen Jackson

Theme: Chapter One from Free Range Learning  – Natural Learning

Title: #12 – Fear of Getting Started


1. Intro – Welcome special guest – Lori Desrosiers

2. Wing Feathers – Thank you to Arny Palmer and the Jackson family

3. What’s hatching – Feast – April 20 at noon – fee: $10.00 each

4. Good egg, bad egg – HS Helper – new program – check out History Pockets!

5. Flown the Coup – Homeschooling on the road

5. Under our wing – Fears that new homeschooling families have.

6. Final flap – Accepting new registrations on April 2

Time: 20 minutes’

Title: #11 – Focus on Teens

Guests – Michael Cranley

Time: 22:20

Show Notes:

1.Wing Feathers – Jill needs umbrellas, thank you to Barry Davidson’s friends and Hannigan Paints.

2. Nest News – Floor Hockey boys need your support. We operate on 25% of the funding of a public school. Please support them!

3. What’s Hatching – Greek Feast – Feb 23 at noon – $10.00

4. Glance Back – Phoenix High School program, our front page is our BLOG!

5. Bright Birdies – Zander Sherman – Curosity of School

6. Under Our Wings – Tons of phonecalls, inquiries and new registrations.

7. Final Flap – Thank you!

#10: Fundraising, Fun and Festivities!

Guests – Karen Jackson

Time: 18:17


1.Wing Feathers – Thank you Corsair Design and Control Systems. Kindness ideas!

2. Nest News – Big comfy chairs, keep it clean! Speicfal needs handout box.

3. What’s Hatching – Medieval Feast / Christmas Party / Teen Potluck / Website and Stats

4. Glance Back – MS Read-a-thon

5. Good Egg, Bad Egg – Scholastic Item

6. Beak Off – Drop in fees

7. From the Ashes – New Program guide and format for January

8. Laying an Egg – Learning activities for Break / Dec 19 – Cardinal Craft and Dec 14 – Terrariums.

9. Final Flap

Title: #9 – Pre-Christmas Chat
Date: December 2, 2012
Guests – Barry Davidson, Phoenix Chair Time: 9:45


1. Intro – welcome

2. Nest news
A. 8 homeschool gift ideas

3. What’s hatching
A. Medieval feast – Dec 15 at noon
B. children’s Christmas party – Dec 21 at 10:30 am

4. Good egg, bad egg
A. Fun activities – baking together
B. Pinterest
C. Advent calendar – 3 strings and hang small paper pockets filled small toys, learning activities and so on.
D. Homemade ornaments – treasured from year to year.
E. What would be a bad apple (Should have been egg! Sorry!) People only to nice things at this time of year.

5. Under our wing – reminder Christmas can be stressful time. Things may not go as planned. Spontaneous moments are the ones they remember.

6. Final flap – from our nest to yours – merry Christmas and best wishes!

Audio Cast: SPECIAL: Walk around Medieval Studio
Guests – Kali Dunkley, Bethany Holmes, Zara Who, Kim Parachoniak, Jill Mann and Diana Stinn

Time: 5 mins

Audio Cast: #8: Homeschooling Thru a Crisis
Guests – Kali Dunkley Time: 8:18 mins

1. What’s Hatching – Feast Day – Oct 20 from noon to 2:00 PM – $10.00 per person

2. Flown the Coup – Thank you Amanda Chase. welcome Delilla Gilbert and Sherry Wells

Don’t forget the sewing class coming up!

3. Under Our Wing – Homeschooling Thru a Crisis

4. Final Flap – We can get too easily bogged down in the academic part of homeschooling . . . Diane Flynn Keith

AUDIOCAST 7: Homeschooling Resource Shopping

To listen to the hilarious antics of Jill Mann and Diana Stinn at Kidsource, click below!


Welcome to Squawk – a podcast about homeschooling at the Phoenix Foundation in Calgary!

Title: #7 – Homeschool Resource Shopping
Guests – Amy Ferris Time: 4:40

Exclusive event – Kidsource – Sept 13 at 6:30 PM

1. Hot Items this year – owls, tourquise and Amy’s math goodies
2. Library – question re: US residents
3. Reminder that you need to register before Sept 30 for funding.

AUDIOCAST 6: Your First Few Days of Homeschooling

Join Jill Mann and Diana Stinn for their next podcast episode. Listen to our new PODCAST ! Click below!

Title: #6 – Your First Few Days of HS
Guests – none      Time: 11:11
1. Nest News – Sink in CL 6 – we use this room for so many things – sewing, art, Lego Minds Storms club
2. What’s Hatching – Open House Dates – Sept 22 / 29 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
     Calgary Public Library – Getting Started Home Schooling – Sept 12 at 10:30 AM
3. Looking Back – Reasons why people homeschool. Loads of reasons, legal in Alberta.
4. Good Egg, Bad Egg – (1) Lapdog – weighted blanket for Sensory integration issues (2) Moleskin ipad app  (3) Notability
5. Beak Off – Sterotypes
6. Beginning of the Year – register with a board, supplies such as globes, printer, mp3 player, camera,  etc.
7. Exclusive event – Kidsource – Sept 13 at 6:30 PM

AUDIOCAST 5: How We Got Started Homeschooling

Welcome to Squawk – a podcast about homeschooling at the Phoenix Foundation in Calgary!

Title: #5 – How We Got Started
Date: August 23, 2012 Length: 23:29 mins

This show features guest, Rion Sillito – Phoenix Board member.

1. Wing Feathers – Partner: MacCon Security
2. Nest News – Library Floor, Pre-school carpet
3. What’s Hatching – Kinder Orientation – Aug 30
– Creation Studio open Sept 18
4. Through Tailfeathers – where we were one year ago
5. Good Egg, Bad Egg – Handwriting without tears
6. Flown the Coup – Allison Lane and Estee Lister
7. Bird Brains – Gabby Douglas – Olympian Homeschooler
8. Under Our Wing – Sept 13: Learning Styles
– Sept 27: AD/HD Strategies

Click below to hear the podcast now!

EPISODE 4: Music to My Ears

In this episode, Jill Mann is away. Diana Stinn is joined by Vanessa Farkas, one of our talented music teachers.


  • Wing Feathers – Acknowledgements to the Creation Studio Team for Strawbale garden upkeep and Ant patrol. th
  • Nest News – Kitchen reorg and moss green carpet
  • What’s Hatching – Sick of Pancakes Lunch – July 18 and Prairie Wind Park BBQ – July 24
  • From the Ashes – new website  – https://phoenixnestnews.wordpress.com
  • Under Our Wing – Music and why it is important!

EPISODE 3: Giggle with the Teens

In this episode, Jill Mann and Diana Stinn are joined by some of the teens – they are the ones making noises in the background.


  • Wing Feathers – Acknowledgements to the teens that have helped out this week.
  • Nest News – Updates about gopher holes and gym lights (need an electrician and sponsor)
  • What’s Hatching – Phun Day – June 28
  • Glance back through the Tail Feathers – Great year! Thanks everyone!
  • Good Egg, Bad Egg – Resource Reviews – go to garage sales
  • Beak Off – Complaints – we need plugs
  • Fledgling Funnies – George the deer
  • Bird Brains – Famous homeschoolers – Beatrix Potter
  • Final Flap – Celebrate Originality – July 18 – sick of Pancakes

EPISODE 2: Taking Flight – This cast was recorded June 14, 2012 and features special guest Rion Sillito, Phoenix Board Member and Communications Guy.

Regular Segments Include:

  • Wing Feather – Fillable form created by parent
  • Nest News – Garden Room sponsorship opportunity
  • What’s Hatching – Year End, Fun Day, Play and Ceremony (Resource Table – $5.00)
  • Under Our Wing – Supportive Reminder
  • Final Flap – Inspirational quote

Thank you for listening!

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