The Squawk!

The Early Bird Catches the Worm!

Jill Mann and I will be doing an regular audio cast about the flappings at Phoenix! We plan to keep you amazed, updated and hopefully chuckling over your morning cup of java! (We decided to do an audio cast so that we didn’t need to worry about our hair!)


  • Wing Feathers – Acknowledgements
  • Nest News – Updates about our amazing building
  • What’s Hatching – New activities, events
  • Glance back through the Tail Feathers – Reporting on events and activities
  • Good Egg, Bad Egg – Resource Reviews
  • Flown the Coup – Those leaving the Nest
  • Beak Off – Complaints
  • From the Ashes – Things we are bringing back
  • Fledgling Funnies – Goofy things the Students at Phoenix have said or done
  • Bird Brains – Famous homeschoolers


AUDIOCAST 1 – Introduction – Diana Stinn and Barry Davidson (Board Chair)

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