The Squawk! Podcast 3

Two of the nuts that started Phoenix!

The Early Bird Catches the Worm!

In this episode, Jill Mann and Diana Stinn are joined by some of the teens – they are the ones making noises in the background. 



  • Wing Feathers – Acknowledgements to the teens that have helped out this week.
  • Nest News – Updates about gopher holes and gym lights (need an electrician and sponsor)
  • What’s Hatching – Phun Day – June 28
  • Glance back through the Tail Feathers – Great year! Thanks everyone!
  • Good Egg, Bad Egg – Resource Reviews – go to garage sales
  • Beak Off – Complaints – we need plugs
  • Fledgling Funnies – George the deer
  • Bird Brains – Famous homeschoolers – Beatrix Potter
  • Final Flap – Celebrate Originality – July 18 – sick of Pancakes


AUDIOCAST 3 – Giggles with the Teens – Jill Mann and Diana Stinn

One comment

  1. The two lovely nuts have done it again. Great broadcasting and good the picture is attached – had it not been – I ( a stranger) would be wondering what these “nuts” look like with sexy voices like that- well done – keep it coming ,,, this “old guy” enjoy
    the presentation. Gustav

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